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When you're as beauty-obsessed as we are, you get a feel for what's all-the-rage and what's passé. Our magazine has the scoop on all the beauty trends, products and benefits that people are buzzing about these days. Give it a read to learn about the personal care topics we've been crushing on lately.

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Breakdown & Breakthrough: Targeted formulas to reveal your best skin and hair

If you’ve ever cultivated a garden, you know that it all starts with the soil. It’s impossible to grow a seed in bad ground. The principle is the same for fostering your natural beauty: great hair and skin only grows when their foundation is well cared for.

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The SOLID choice for an ultra-mild surfactant

Liquid soap may rule the soap market; however, there are a lot of hidden benefits to the old, reliable bar of soap that people are just beginning to discover.

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Hyperpigmentation 2

Let’s clear up some questions around hyperpigmentation

As more consumers share their stories of being underrepresented in and underserved by the beauty industry, the gap in personal care for melanin-rich skin is more pronounced than ever...

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Comfort BD

Good vibes only: How ComfortBD™ gives TLC in skincare

With its many skincare benefits, CBD is becoming a top botanical ingredient for formulators. If the term CBD reminds you of a basement full of lava lamps and records, you’re not alone – but the cannabis industry has come a long way since those days....

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Passport Picture1

Passport to Textured Hair Ingredients & Solutions

By and large, today’s beauty industry has been built without curly hair in mind. Straight hair has taken the center stage in everything from the models we see, the hair products we know, or the hairstyles we’re expected to wear.

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One way to be more green is to think about the environment and sustainability impact of what you buy. Using greener products makes for a greener life, so it’s natural to turn to your purchasing habits as a way to curtail the waste. If you did, you wouldn’t be alone: nearly half of respondents in a global survey said that eco-friendliness was something they considered before heading to the check-out line.

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A natural protein peptide to support the natural mineral balance of the mouth

A natural protein peptide to support the natural mineral balance of the mouth Mouthwash and toothpaste formulated with Enameguard gives people with acidic diets something to smile about

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Taking AP/Deo to New Heights

Consumers are increasingly interested in personal care products that are not only effective, but also provide them with a sense of well-being and comfort, which is why the AP/Deo market continues to grow globally.

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