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When you're as beauty-obsessed as we are, you get a feel for what's all-the-rage and what's passé. Our magazine has the scoop on all the beauty trends, products and benefits that people are buzzing about these days. Give it a read to learn about the personal care topics we've been crushing on lately.

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Additional Stories

Woman facing into sun holding her wavy hair

Itchy, oily or flaky? Try a scalp reset

Many U.S. adults have scalp issues, but personal care products can help by targeting the microbiome

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Washing soapy hands under sink

Hand Hygiene Formulation Support in Response to COVID-19

Lean on personal care formulation experts to help alleviate the shortage of soaps and sanitizers.

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Lead the charge to reformulate for 1,4-Dioxane limits

Stay ahead of New York State’s 1,4-dioxane ban with these tips for personal care product formulators

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Rock your locks with scalp soothing hair products

The things we do for beautiful hair. Styling, straightening, highlights, coloring… the list goes on. And while it’s totally worth rocking some tight curls, trendy dip-dyed ends or a classic beach wave, treatments like those will do a number on your hair and scalp.

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Light up your life with skincare that counters blue light

Blue light permeates so many aspects of our daily lives, but skincare products are only beginning to take that into account. Get your daily screen time and your fun in the sun with some added protection using plant-based defense systems. Let your beautiful light shine bright!

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Calm the itch for sensitive skin products

Sensitive skin care is a win-win for consumers and brands, so what’s with the lack of new product launches?

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Have more fun in the sun with zinc oxide UV filters

The sun’s out today, and it’s your time to shine! Great sun care shields your skin from UV rays and feels great to apply. It’s also made with trustworthy UV filters to protect against sun damage effectively. Ready to hit the beach?

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Clean cleansing is socially responsible — and in high demand

Try five hair and skin cleansing formulations designed for a greener, cleaner beauty routine

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