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Seanactiv™ for a more youthful, brighter eye contour

This algae-based ingredient reduces the appearance of dark circles, crow's feet and signs of aging with a sustainably-sourced algae extract

Published On: 08/16/21

Eyes are our most expressive features. They play a major role in communication, building relationships and conveying emotions, but they can also show signs of stress, age and fatigue.

Because the skin in that area is so thin, the eye contour is especially fragile. That makes caring for it a high priority for consumers around the world, who look for natural and effective ways to protect the skin around their eyes and prevent signs of aging.

Common concerns include dullness, dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet, fine lines, and droopy eyelids. Research from Mintel shows 96% of consumers want to reduce dark circles, while 66% of consumers want to decrease signs of aging more generally (2019-2021).

The market has responded with countless products targeted to those issues, claiming benefits such as brightening dark circles and diminishing wrinkles. But with increasing concerns about health, safety and natural sourcing, many skincare brands have room to improve.

A new bioactive that targets multiple eye area concerns while simultaneously addressing the need for natural sourcing and health-boosting ingredients is here, and It’s called Seanactiv

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A new addition to an all-natural lineup

Seanactiv is a recent addition to BASF’s existing line of eye care and anti-aging solutions. Our current technologies reduce the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and signs of fatigue with a multi-purpose bioactive (Inolixir and Shadownyl); supports healthy, gorgeous skin and promotes the skin’s scavenging of free radicals to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags (Flavagrum); and use a botanical flower complex to reduce the appearance of dark circles (Biophytex).

Inspired by the ocean’s abundant natural resources, Seanactiv targets multiple skincare concerns around the eyes. Within one week of use, the bioactive helps to reduce the look of dark circles, helps to fade the appearance of crow’s feet, and makes the eye contour look healthier and fresher.

It does all that with the power of fucoidans, or complex polysaccharides, derived from brown algae.

Taking superfoods to the extreme

Many species of algae owe their health-boosting superpowers to the fact that they are extremophiles, meaning they thrive in extreme environments such as hot springs or hydrothermal vents. The enzymes extremophiles use to survive in these conditions helps them retain a variety of beneficial nutrients.

Consumers and brands alike have noticed the benefits: more than 26% of skincare launches in the last 12 months contained algae (Mintel 2019-2021).

Seanactiv uses a particular extract of bladderwrack, or fucus vesiculosus, a type of brown algae. Because they need so few resources to survive, algae are a sustainable source of polysaccharides. BASF’s supply of bladderwrack is manually harvested with a seaweed rake from platform vessels in Nova Scotia, Canada. We take great care to select the right specimens and observe good collection practices to ensure the biomass regenerates.

Seanactiv close Getty Images 675171338

3 steps to fresher, brighter eyes

Seanactiv targets the eye contour in three steps. First, it helps to enable the naturally present Heme Oxygenase-1 (HO-1) enzyme to lighten dark circles around the eyes. It fights signs of aging by supporting the presence of collagen I, which helps reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, and evens skin tone by reducing dullness.

The result? A luminous, healthier-looking eye contour area with a more youthful appearance.

Crow’s feet: For the birds

An in-vivo study of Seanactiv included a panel of 24 women aged 18-65 years. Tested against a placebo emulsion, the study measured the effect of short-term and long-term applications on dark circles, crow’s feet wrinkles, and skin luminance.

Participants applied product in the morning and captured images daily with a Skincam Imagery Device. The device connected to their smartphones, which then transferred detailed images to a cloud database for analysis.

The results showed marked improvements in all three of the main parameters BASF studied. Seanactiv visibly lightened the appearance of dark circles, reduced the look of crow’s feet, and boosted the luminosity of the eye contour – all within the first week and onwards.

Brighten up your next formulation

There’s much more to be said about the eye-brightening benefits of Seanactiv. A BASF representative can give you more details about the sourcing process, testing methodology, formulation conditions, or anything else that’s on your mind. Get in touch with us to discuss how this rejuvenating bioactive fits into your next natural eye care formulation.

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Request a sample of Seanactiv here!

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