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DIY masks: A natural, customizable, and totally Instagrammable beauty trend

Masks are already on fire, but DIY personalization and natural ingredients make this skincare trend even more selfie-worthy

Published On: 02/04/19

An all natural, do-it-yourself, customizable, mask concept - Naturally Mask

Face, eye and hair masks used to be a well-kept beauty secret, locked away behind bathroom doors. Now they’re sprinkled throughout the social media world, spurred on by celebrity mask selfies from the likes of Lady Gaga, Cindy Crawford, Kendall Jenner and Chris Pratt.

What do beauty fanatics love about masks? Young adults aged 18–24 think they’re a fun, easy way to chill out alone or spend time with friends, according to Lightspeed/Mintel. The best masks also give skin a powerful overnight boost.

To stay in trending status, the next generation of beauty masks is upping the ante. How do we make masks even more shareable on Instagram? A new beauty mask concept brings four key points to the table: natural ingredients, boosted effectiveness, personalization and do-it-yourself (DIY) for an added fun factor.

You do you with DIY

Naturally Mask by BASF, a new DIY mask concept, makes it easy to take beauty matters into your own hands with natural ingredients — and it’s pretty much impossible to mess up.

The make-your-own-mask kit lets you choose the active ingredients (and concentrations of each) in each mask you brew up, giving you more control over the benefits of your beauty regimen. You also get to choose the type of mask based on your specific needs or your mood.

Here’s a breakdown: it’s one kit, two basic mask formats, eight active ingredients with unique skin benefits, and all the tools you need to mix a customized mask right there in your kitchen or bathroom.

Natural ingredients with customized mask
Couples with mask

Naturally glam: Powder to Paste Mask

Once you’re done mixing, the DIY powder-to-paste mask will basically turn into a goo that feels amazing to apply. With a cooling effect and an algae-based rheology modifier, the mask base leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated — and that’s just your baseline.

The mask comes with four active ingredients in COSMOS-certified powder form:

You’ll take two scoops of the mask base and mix it with one small scoop of each active you choose, then add three droppers of water. Mix it all up with a brush and it’s ready to apply.

Don’t forget to show your roommates before you rinse it off!

Your other option is a DIY serum-to-sheet mask. It provides similar softening, hydrating properties to the paste mask, but this one comes in sheet format with liquid actives.

Here are its four active ingredients:

With two full droppers of the mask base, two drops of your chosen actives and a quick mix, you’re ready to go! Just soak the sheet and wear it while you relax in the tub or catch up on Netflix.

A lady with mask

Your personal skincare playground

With a DIY mask kit, every single application feels uniquely yours. It combines fun and relaxation, nature and nutrition, and skincare and self-care in one pretty little package.

Call your friends over and have a blast!

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