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Want to know more about the chemistry behind our beauty-boosting products? This is where you’ll find valuable tools to help you formulate clean beauty along with videos, presentations, links and other helpful downloads. Keep checking back for updates!

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Protecting our skin from UV light and blue light.

Exposure to UV light from the sun as well as blue light from electronic devices can be damaging to the skin and accelerate skin aging. The team at BASF Care Creations bring you innovative solutions such as Z-COTE® zinc oxide mineral UV filters in a variety of formats and Ciste™M - an active containing extract from rockrose flowers.

MASK Video from BASF Care Creations

An all natural, do-it-yourself, customizable, mask concept - Naturally Mask

Replexium® from BASF Care Creations

Regain 7 years’ younger skin in 21 days with Replexium® from BASF Care Creations. 60% of women wish they would look 5-10 years younger, and 80% expect that a quality skincare product would help them achieve this aspiration.*

Cosmedia® Ace

BASF Personal Care introduces Cosmedia® Ace by Care Creations - a new innovative skin care ingredient that offers strong emulsifying properties with elegant textures and velvety skin after feel. This liquid dispersion polymer demonstrates a strong thickening ability across a broad PH range and can be added easily to any stage of a formulation, hot or cold.

Back to Basics - Rheology Modifiers

At BASF Care Creations we understand the need for formulation expertise. In this video, we will take a trip back to basics and explore the use of Rheology Modifiers in thick styling products. Rheology modifiers are polymers commonly used in hair styling products to provide changes in product texture and thickening. This video will discuss the swelling mechanism of ionic and non-ionic polymers. Although we will discuss the macroscopic behavior of the polymer in the absence and presence of a neutralizer, we will also discuss the behavior of the polymers in the molecular level. The mechanisms will be illustrated by BASF thickening polymers in aqueous solutions. We will then highlight liquid dispersion polymers, or LDPs, ready-made blends of hydrophilic, swell-able polymer micro-particles; a lipophilic carrier; and an emulsifier. LDPs facilitate the cold-processing of emulsions by taking the “guess-work” out of mixing the correct ratios of emulsifiers, emollients, and thickeners. Similarly to thickening polymers, a sample BASF LDP product will be used to thicken an aqueous solution.


We developed Speci’Men™, a 100% natural and Ecocert approved Baobab leaf extract that reduces the accumulation of nonperforming versican, which contributes specifically to the health of men’s skin. The skin appears refreshed, skin tonicity is improved, signs of fatigue around the eyes and wrinkles are reduced.


Consumers the world over are looking for products that support beautiful, youthful skin. The active ingredient Dermagenist™ effectively reverses signs of aging and protects against lifestyle damage.

Collalift® 18 - The wrapping beauty from African Mahogany

Collalift®18 truly rejuvenates the skin, invigorating it from within. Skin regains its harmony on the surface (reduced wrinkles and pores) and its vitality is stimulated from deep within.

Reshape Facial Haromony

RNAge™ controls the skin’s epigenetic pattern for balanced facial contours.


Naturally balanced skincare: the role of microorganisms in healthy skin represents one of today’s most promising areas of dermatological research.


Building with nature’s building blocks: genetic research points to huge potential for ingredients that are capable of reprogramming skin cells.