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When you're as beauty-obsessed as we are, you get a feel for what's all-the-rage and what's passé. Our magazine has the scoop on all the beauty trends, products and benefits that people are buzzing about these days. Give it a read to learn about the personal care topics we've been crushing on lately.

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This Valentine’s Day, love your self-care routine

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone or with a special someone, it’s a great time to show yourself some love with beautifully formulated personal care products.

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Diverse formulas for our diverse needs

We believe that diversity and inclusion should be celebrated in every office, in every community—and on every store shelf. You, and everyone else, deserve to walk down the beauty and personal care aisles and see you represented: your skin tone. Your hair texture. Your unique needs and preferences, available with high-quality ingredients and thoughtfully crafted blends. With that vision in mind, we at BASF are incredibly proud to present Harmony Blend. Harmony Blend is a breakthrough collection with quality and representation at the core, embracing the essence of textured hair and melanated skin.

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Re_Think Your Hero for Hair

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Unleash the power of “Better Together” ingredient combinations to create sunscreens that shine.

Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Sand and sun. Some things are just better together than they are apart. That’s why BASF expert formulators have tested countless combinations of UV filters, chassis ingredients, and cosmetic actives to find the best balance between effective protection and a pleasant sensorial experience.

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Introducing triple-power protection for colored hair

Are you fully capitalizing on the hair color maintenance market? If not—or even if you’re unsure—you must read this. More than 75% of women in the United States color their hair.[i] The global market value of hair color/dye is expected to grow an astonishing 69% before 2027.[ii] That’s a lot of your hard-earned cash going into hair color. As you probably know if you’re on the hair dye bandwagon, industry experts

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Strand Care – TLC from root to tip

Dry. Brittle. Frizz-prone. Constantly breaking. Sound familiar? That’s the sound of your hair screaming out for some much-needed TLC. You ask a lot of your hair, right? It gets pulled and twisted, blasted with hot air, scorched in the sun, dyed, straightened, curled, and wrestled—and you just want it to behave. No, you want even more than that. You want your hair to look like a glossy and effortlessly pristine social media filter, with every strand in place. You want hair that works. Maybe it seems like you’ve tried everything to get your hair to feel nourished and healthy. Maybe you don’t have the time or budget for a fancy, elaborate routine or regular treatments at a specialty salon. You have more important things to do.

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A ‘greener’ pearlizer, from start to finish

While it's unquestionably important to create hair care products that are high-quality and effective, the impact of those beauty care products isn't exclusive to what you see in the mirror. There's more to tell about the ingredients used, like what happens after your shampoo is washed down the drain. The bigger perspective on "green" beauty, includes a product's whole life cycle.

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Premium Salon Hair Care

As we emerge into a new normal, consumers high expectations haven’t dissipated. Instead of settling for products that cater generically to all hair types, many consumers have come away from the pandemic knowing exactly what their hair needs to look it’s best. However, it was not just about finding the best products, for them it was about finding the best products that led to healthier hair!

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