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Style your smile with mild, natural oral care

APG surfactants make it possible to formulate mild, naturally-sourced oral care products that perform just as well.

Beautiful smiles will always be in style. That’s even true in the ever-changing world of beauty trends, where exacting consumers demand a higher level of performance from their products.

Growing demand calls for natural and sustainable oral care and, of course, products that promote clean and healthy-looking teeth. As milder, more natural oral care enters the daily beauty regimen, formulators need solutions to overcome the resulting challenges.

Published On: 05/14/20

Mild, natural and effective: A dazzling combination

What qualities do your shiny, new oral care products need for a successful launch in today’s market? Consumer demand calls for a milder formulation that performs just as well.

To make that happen, BASF offers mild, naturally sourced APG® surfactants that are perfectly suited for gentle and natural oral care concepts. They work especially well in SLS-free formulations.

Plantapon® LGC Sorb NA, an anionic APG, combines the characteristic mildness of APG with excellent foaming performance that doesn’t compromise on feel or texture.

Plantaren® 1200 N UP, a mild, non-ionic APG surfactant, lends itself well to gentle oral care products. It is also based on renewable feedstocks derived from plants.

Natural ingredients are all well and good, but consumers need evidence they work just as well as more traditional alternatives. A consumer study demonstrated a few key characteristics of BASF’s APG surfactants.

For one, a panel broadly agreed that Plantapon LGC Sorb NA makes the mouth feel fresh and clean. They felt Plantaren 1200 N UP leaves teeth feeling thoroughly cleansed, which in turn makes the mouth feel fresh and clean.

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Results from consumer studies

Compared to SLS, consumers agreed Plantapon LGC Sorb NA makes the mouth feel clean while
Plantaren 1200 N UP makes the mouth feel fresh.

BASF Oral Care Brochure Data Performance Claims Graph

Among subjects who used a placebo with SLS, there was no significant
majority to support any performance claims.

Consumers agreed SLS tastes soapier and mustier than Plantapon® LGC Sorb NA and soapier than Plantaren® 1200 N UP.

BASF Oral Care Brochure Data Taste Profile
  • The test products were perceived as having similar taste profiles for most parameters.
  • The product containing SLS was rated directionally (p<0.1) higher than Plantapon® LGC Sorb NA in soapy and musty taste.
  • The SLS product was also rated significantly higher than Plantaren® 1200 N UP for soapy taste.

Plantapon® LGC Sorb NA cleans stains equivalently to SLS without brushing.

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Foaming characteristics of APGs

Having doubts about APGs? You can put those to rest: tests using the SITA, DFA and ABC foam analyzers showed APGs produce similar foam volume to SLS, have better foam stability than SLS, and are milder than SLS-free formulations.

  • Tests conducted on the SITA, DFA and Automated Brushing Cylinder (ABC) foam analyzers
  • APGs produce similar foam volume to SLS
  • APGs have better foam stability than SLS
  • APGs are milder than SL

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