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Wake up, Sleeping Beauty: We have your youthful skin fix

Combining the science of epigenetics and marjoram extract to rejuvenate your skin

Published On: 09/25/18

Do you know the best way to wake up your skin? Maybe you didn’t realize it was sleeping in the first place.

That’s understandable — in fact, it’s something scientists at BASF have been researching extensively for years. Their studies have uncovered something of a Sleeping Beauty story for your skin.

The beauty in this scenario is you, of course. And while you may not need a Prince Charming to realize your full potential, everyone could use a skincare boost now and then.

That’s where Dermagenist™ comes in. Before we rush to the happy ending, let’s take a look at the mechanisms that lead to aging skin — and the epigenetic science BASF uses to reverse the process.

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Unpacking the science behind aging skin

Forget Prince Charming. When it comes to skincare, the real heroes of the story are the fibroblasts that live within our skin cells.

They hold the keys — that is, the genetic code — to producing the chemical components that strengthen your skin.

Methylation is another fun word to describe what happens as you age. The process essentially adds methyl groups to a DNA molecule, changing the way it is expressed without changing the actual sequence.

As you age, fibroblasts will retain their genetic sequence, but methylation will stop the activity of their gene expression. In other words, they start to fall asleep.

Your fibroblasts also have cytoskeletons, which play another major part in the aging skin equation. Like an interconnected suit of armor, the actin-powered cytoskeleton ensures its fibroblast is always running on all cylinders: it optimizes the fibroblast’s function by improving its traction, vitality and connection to the extracellular matrix (ECM). That’s a mouthful, but it basically means your fibroblasts can synthesize the ingredients it needs to keep your skin looking toned and smooth. Again, aging contributes to the degradation of these cytoskeletons, which is why your skin loses tone and density as you get older.

Age is not the (only) issue

The process of methylation, the degradation of cytoskeletons and the loss of function in fibroblasts are natural parts of the aging process. That said, lifestyle also plays an important role in the upkeep of your skin’s defenses. Lack of physical activity, poor eating habits and other unhealthy lifestyle choices impact those chemical processes and accelerate aging in your skin.

So, how do you wake up those sleepy fibroblasts? The true love’s kiss in our story comes from the scientists at BASF — but not in the way you’re thinking. That would be weird.

We’re really talking about Dermagenist™, a BASF active ingredient derived from an extract of marjoram leaves (Origanum majorana). Native to Cyprus and southern Turkey, marjoram was known as a symbol of happiness to the ancient Greeks and Romans. It also stimulates actin synthesis in those fibroblasts we mentioned, which reinforces the cytoskeleton and helps the fibroblast stay active in the dermal matrix.

Powered by the marjoram leaf, Dermagenist™ reactivates dormant fibroblasts and reestablishes their metabolic function. It also strengthens their cytoskeletons and inhibits methylation, restoring the fibroblasts’ mechanics to make the genetic code readable again. With that, your friendly fibroblasts can start working on collagen production and other processes necessary to maintaining youthful skin.

As a result, your skin has what it needs to regenerate elasticity, firmness and a denser scaffolding to stay protected from the drawbacks of age and lifestyle.

Scientific studies with Dermagenist™ showed a 22 percent increase in the synthesis of actin; a 30 percent decrease in methylation caused by environmental factors; a 15 percent boost to skin firmness; and an 18 percent improvement in skin density.

The studies show off Dermagenist™’s ability to reprogram your skin cells, helping them synthesize the chemical components you need for rejuvenated skin. The active can be added to new formulations in powder form. What do you say, Sleeping Beauty? Are you ready to wake up and smell the roses?

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