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Take your oral care routine to the next level with these four formulations

Explore new oral care formats for natural, gentle and time-saving options

Published On: 02/12/19

Chances are, you barely think about your daily brushing routine. Who does, really? When it comes to oral care, we tend to focus more on what the products can do for our teeth and less about what they can do for our lifestyles.

The newest generation of oral care products can do a lot more.

They make brushing easier on sensitive teeth, get you out the door faster and help you freshen up on the road — all with ingredients you can feel comfortable using.

Whether you’re looking for time-savers, mild and gentle care, or naturally-sourced ingredients — or you just want to try out a cool new format — check out these fresh oral care formulations.

1) Misty Refresh with Natural Antioxidant

Let’s say you’re on your way to a first date, but you just ate a loaf of garlic bread and want to freshen up your breath. (Trust us, this is a real scenario.) Are you going to have time to swish some mouthwash in the sink? Um, no.

When you’re in a hurry and verging on zombie breath, the Misty Refresh with Natural Antioxidant gives you a refreshing cleanse on the go with a few quick spritzes.

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2) Tropical Burst Children’s Tooth Gel

As a parent, you probably spend a lot of time reading labels on your kids’ products. Naturally, you want to know their toothpaste works well without the use of harsh ingredients.

The Tropical Burst Children’s Tooth Gel is mild and sulfate-alternative with some naturally-sourced ingredients. It foams up nicely to give your kids a good experience to clean their teeth (and a delicious fruity flavor).

3) Fresh Revolution Tooth Gel

Fresh Revolution Tooth Gel - The tooth gel’s adult counterpart is called Fresh Revolution. This is another great option when your chompers need more mild, gentle cleansing compared to your average toothpaste.

Foaming can be tough to achieve in products with mild or natural ingredients, but this formulation gets your teeth clean with a nice, fluffy foam.

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4) Chew-n-Rinse Tablets

For another on-the-go oral care option, there’s Chew-n-Rinse Tablets. Maybe this time you ate a raw onion and need a quick refresher before your big board meeting — whatever, we’re not judging.

Just chew up a tablet, swish with a bit of water and rinse! It makes your mouth feel clean and fresh.

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Hit refresh on your oral care products

Revamping your standard oral care routine can mean a lot of things, as we’ve seen: it might involve a unique format, convenience, incorporating natural ingredients or a mild, gentle cleanse.

It could also be a combination of these things making your oral care a unique and fun experience.

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