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Textured treats to make your skin feel extra yummy

Indulge in a line of skincare products with dessert-inspired textures

Published On: 10/23/18

You can always make a case for dessert-themed beauty products. From your classic cherry lip balm to your birthday cake body butter all the way to your vanilla milkshake shampoo, there’s something about a rich, sugary fragrance that feels decadent and fun.

Scent is just the beginning, though. Skincare companies have caught on to our fascination with delicious sweets, and now they’re pairing it with our need for a good tactile experience. In other words, we naturally gravitate towards products that feel good to the touch — from the first time you open the container to the moment you apply the product, plus the after-feel it leaves several minutes later.

BASF has been tinkering with pleasant textures for years, and they recently set out to indulge your sweet tooth. The result was a line of skincare formulations with textures inspired by our favorite desserts.
Here’s what you can expect from these skin-nourishing (strictly non-edible!) treats.

Fluffy Gelato Mask:

A cooling treat for your skin

Let’s start with the toughest one to describe. “Fluffy gelato” comes pretty close, but you could also make a case for “wet cotton candy” or “spongy cloud cake”. All good things.

In the container, the Fluffy Gelato Mask feels squishy, cloud-like and kind of dense — which seems like an odd mix of attributes, but apparently that’s what it takes to make something that both feels edible and enjoyable to apply. It quickly melts once you pick it up, leaving a dewy, mist-like after-feel on your skin. It almost feels like cotton candy dissolving in your mouth.

The mask combines ingredients such as Argan oil and Collalift®18, a collagen-boosting extract of African mahogany, to improve elasticity and reveal softer, firmer-looking skin.

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Whipped Butter:

You know just how to butter me up

Although extra butter makes everything more delicious, you don’t typically salivate over pictures of raw butter sticks. (Or maybe you do — no judgments here.) Like the rest of these dessert-textured formulations, the Whipped Butter Gel might make you want to eat butter. Or at least spread it on a piece of warm, crunchy bread.

That gives a whole new layer of meaning to the term “body butter.” Made with shea butter, along with a host of other skin-nourishing seed butters and oils, the product feels smooth and light to apply.

Feeltastic Marshmallow Cream:

A UV-blocking food impostor

Made possible by a precise combination of emulsifiers, rheology modifiers and consistency agents, these look and feel EXACTLY like mini marshmallows. It’s uncanny.

The Feeltastic Marshmallow Cream is a lightweight, nourishing sunscreen rolled into marshmallow-shaped balls. Out of all the products listed here, this one is the truest to its name. It has the same springy texture as the sweet treat, and it holds its shape even if you roll it around in your fingers a bit.

To apply, slowly smoosh it around in your hands and the ball will melt into a cream. And keep it far away from your pantry, otherwise it might end up in someone’s hot chocolate.

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Eye Balm Soufflé:

A little bit of ouu la la, a little bit of je ne sais quoi

With the airy, puffy look and texture of a freshly-baked soufflé, this product will make you want to sit at a French café and eat pastries until your teeth fall out. (Again, no judgments!)

Designed specifically as an under-eye treatment, the Eye Balm Soufflé feels light and delicate to apply. The active ingredient, Biophytex®LS 9832, uses a combination of botanical extracts to soothe the fragile skin under your eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

You can look but you should probably also touch

These textures turn your skincare routine into a delightful experience — one you may not even know you were missing. If your mouth isn’t already watering based on these descriptions, well, you’ll just have to try the formulations for yourself.

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