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Is it time to update your skincare routine?

Signs you need to revamp your regimen with these Nordic beauty principles

Many of us are guilty of using the same drugstore products our mothers bought us back in high school. It may be hard to shake old habits, but, as Mom would say, “How’s that workin’ out for you?”

Published On: 08/28/18

With the rising popularity of simplicity-driven Northern European beauty concepts like hygge and lagom, you may have been inspired to clean out your closet, streamline your recipe box, or find more enjoyment in life’s little pleasures. How can you apply that to your skin and hair care routine?

Let’s take a look at the signs your skincare arsenal needs an overhaul — and the Nordic beauty principles you can swap in for better results.


Your skincare needs have changed

As you age, make tweaks to your lifestyle or go through changes in your body, you might find your skincare needs have shifted. If that’s the case, your skincare routine should evolve with your needs.

Let’s say you are spending more time outdoors, and your skin is paying the price. Elements like UV exposure or cold, dry weather — as well as stress and external pollutants — can take a toll on your skin and cause dehydration.

Nordic beauty products like the Translucence Crème will moisturize and restore your skin, leaving you with a soft, silky after-feel.


You don’t enjoy the process

In Northern European beauty circles, concepts like hygge and lagom emphasize the relaxing, comforting self-care aspects of your skincare routine.

When your skincare routine starts to feel like a chore, it’s time to change it up.

The Cozy Up Hair Mask espouses the Nordic ideal of lagom, serving as a pick-me-up for your hair and a break in your normal routine. The formula repairs and conditions hair with keratin and mango butter, leaving it soft to the touch.


Your products are too harsh

Your beauty products don’t need to be packed with strange, unpronounceable ingredients to work effectively. Those complicated formulas often contain irritants that cause redness, dryness or breakouts.

Your skincare lineup shouldn’t cause more problems than it fixes. If your skin is protesting, consider swapping out your inventory.

Nordic beauty principles encourage a simple, lightweight approach to skincare. Take the Just Right Micellar Oil Cleanser, for example. The minimalistic, lagom-inspired formula gently cleanses to reveal a bright and smooth complexion.


Nothing is changing

This one’s pretty straightforward: if you’ve been using the same products for weeks or months without results, it’s time to swap them out for something more effective.

How do you know which products to trust and which ones to pass by? You can start by looking at study results to find products backed by scientific evidence.

Take the Invigorating Cypress Gel, for example. Its main active ingredient, Lipofructyl Cyperus LS 9892, has been shown in studies to have a significant moisturizing effect that lasted twenty-four hours after application. The gel absorbs quickly, conditioning your skin for long-lasting softness.


Your products are too heavy

Let’s face it: thick, heavy products just don’t feel good on your skin. You don’t want to leave home feeling like you’re wearing a mask.

According to the Nordic trends, you can keep your beauty routine light and enjoyable while still addressing your skincare needs. That’s the thought process behind the Hygge Lip Balm, which gives your lips a moisture boost while filling in wrinkles and fine lines. What could be easier?

Winter Forest

Beauty in simplicity

Need help remembering how Nordic beauty concepts refresh your skincare routine? Here’s a spin on another high school throwback for you. It’s called the K.I.S.S. method: Keep It Simple, Sexy.

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