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Your go-to oral care fix in fresh, portable formats

Practice mild and natural oral care anytime, anywhere with convenient formulations

Published On: 10/12/20

Oral Care On-the-Go

Life is hectic no matter how you slice it. Whether you’re back in the office, self-isolating at home or somewhere in between, there’s still a deluge of tasks to accomplish, errands to run, pastries to bake, articles to read, social media feeds to catch up on --- and teeth to brush!

Consumers will always be busy in some shape or form, and they’re only getting savvier about the personal care products they buy. It’s time they had a choice of oral care products that help them save time while featuring mild, naturally-sourced ingredients. That goes for their kids, too.

Let’s take a look at some up-and-coming oral care formats to help you achieve all that goodness.

Oral health quick stats

According to a study by the American Dental Association, 97 percent of adults in the United States value oral health. About 1 in 5 adults experience anxiety over the condition of their mouth and teeth. More than 31 percent of adults say the overall condition of their mouth and teeth is “very good.” Link

Gum wipes for baby’s breath

Quarantine is a surprisingly great time to have babies. New moms and dads can spend more quality time at home with their little ones – but despite increased home-time, chores always seem to come back like a boomerang.

With their baby’s health and wellness top of mind, parents can use Easy N’ Gentle Baby Oral Care Wipes to quickly clean the gums. These mild, gentle oral wipes are formulated with Myritol 331 to soothe and moisturize the mouth. A little-baby-bit of sweetener and flavor makes them palatable to a tiny tongue.

Just wipe the gum line after feeding to clear out food debris and keep that lil’ angel smiling.

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Yummy gummies for grown-ups

Kids can’t have all the fun. These chewable gummies, called Gummy Clean Adult Oral Care, promote healthy gums between brushings. Made with all-natural ingredients, they freshen the breath with a choice of two tasty, natural flavors: mild and fruity or intense wintergreen.

Ingredients include vitamin E, a naturally-sourced surfactant called Plantapon LGC SORB, and an NPA-certified thickener called Rheocare XGN. Yes, they’re perfectly safe to swallow.

Carry them around anytime you need a quick mouth refresher.

Let’s see those smiles

Ready to formulate some oral care products worthy of a dazzling smile? BASF is here to help. Get in touch with a representative to request samples or discuss your formulation plans.

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