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Day or night, support your teeth for a healthier, shinier smile

Published On: 09/14/22

Put your best smile forward

It’s said that the first thing someone notices about a person is their smile. Are you doing everything you can to prepare your teeth for that first impression? We all know that we should brush after meals and floss daily, but there’s more that you can do to keep your teeth healthy and shiny. Like our hair and skin, there’s more that goes into the health of our teeth than meets the eye.

One of the keys to a healthy, shiny smile is to support your teeth’s natural defense against damage: tooth enamel. Your tooth enamel thrives in the natural pH balance of your mouth. However, everyday consumption of sugary foods as well as acidic food and drinks, such as citrus fruit, soda, coffee and wine, can erode tooth enamel. Our saliva works to naturally neutralize this acidity, but when your mouth’s pH falls too far out of balance, erosive damage can begin to set in.

Once tooth enamel is eroded, it becomes especially vulnerable to acidic or staining foods. When tooth enamel is really damaged, the sensitive inner layer of the tooth can become exposed, making cold, hot, sweet, or sour foods or drinks unpleasant or painful to consume.

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Your teeth’s best ally: saliva

Ultimately, brushing and flossing is the main line of defense against tooth erosion and decay. Not only does it clean your teeth and reduce plaque on teeth and at the gumline, but it also reduces the presence of sugar and bacteria that disrupt your mouth’s natural pH. Still, there are times when damage can be done before you have a chance to grab your toothbrush.

Luckily not all damage is permanent. The early phase of acid erosion involves surface softening. With enough time, your body can reharden the softened enamel surface through the process of remineralization. Remineralization works by bonding minerals like calcium and phosphate, which occur naturally in your saliva, to the weakened parts of your enamel. These minerals come from the food you eat; however, since modern diets are very acidic, the foods you eat can easily limit the remineralization process, leaving teeth vulnerable to enamel loss.

With the Naturally Balanced Soothing Serum, your teeth can get the supportive boost they need to keep your mouth’s natural environment in balance. This creamy, paint-on serum helps rebalance the oral environment after dietary acid challenges. A natural chelator, EnameguardTM is a vegan and COSMOS-approved functional ingredient that has been proven to attract calcium and phosphate ions from saliva and forms a crystal structure that’s similar to native enamel structure. This formula also contains potassium nitrate, which works in combination with Myritol® 331 N and Myritol® 318 to enhance your mouth’s own, naturally soothing environment. This “on-the-go” serum enables your teeth to face daily dietary challenges with ease of use in mind.

Looking good, feeling good!

Being aware of your mouth’s natural environment and how foods and drinks can affect that environment not only safeguards the health of your teeth but keeps them looking their best. Even healthy teeth can develop stains from the pigments in foods and drinks, especially things high in tannins like coffee or soda.

Keeping shiny teeth doesn’t mean you have to ditch your morning coffee, though. With the Ultra-Whitening Night Gel erasing stains from daily life is effortless. Enhanced with the power of hydrogen peroxide, this simple, yet effective transparent gel is designed to whiten teeth and remove daily buildup of stains on teeth. Our unique fixative polymer, Ultrahold® Power, delivers hydrogen peroxide more effectively to the tooth surface. This night gel forms a thin film and stays overnight while allowing for easy cleaning the next morning.

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Building more smiles

Our mouth and teeth work hard to keep our smile as healthy and shiny as possible. With all the stressors of a modern diet, that can be a high bar to clear. By giving your mouth and teeth the support they need, your smile can stay radiant and ensure that every first impression is your best one yet.

BASF strives to provide you with ingredients that enhance your formulas and provide your customers with high quality oral products. For more information or help with choosing the right ingredients for your formulations, contact your BASF representative or your local BASF distributor.

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