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Beyond the basics of textured hair care

Hair care formulators have an opportunity to elevate their textured hair products to address unique concerns such as scalp care, style preservation, managing protective styles, and porosity.

Published On: 04/26/24

There has never been a better time to embrace the natural beauty of textured hair.

As the personal care industry strides towards greater inclusivity, the textured hair market has seen steady growth and shows plenty of future potential. That’s something to celebrate, but there’s always room for more innovation.

Consumers around the world describe their hair type as curly, coily, or wavy (as opposed to straight), and that looks different for everyone. Textured hair is not a monolith — it’s just as diverse as the people underneath those curls, and each of them should feel seen and represented by their hair care products.

Taking textured hair care to the next level

Traditional textured hair products should cover certain essentials, including moisturization, conditioning, frizz management, styling hold, strengthening, protection, and repair.

But those are just the basics, and with such a diverse market, there are plenty more uncatered needs of textured hair to explore. For starters, the team at BASF has been delving into the science of scalp care, style preservation, protective styles, and porosity.

An estimated 65% of the US population has curly, coily, or wavy hair (TextureMedia, 2018).

To help you understand the possibilities, we created some of our own formulations to serve as inspiration for your next big idea.

81% of Black consumers agree healthy hair is the ultimate beauty accessory (Kantar Profiles/Mintel, 2022).
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Holistic treatments for healthy hair and scalp

Aesthetics are always in focus, but an important part of embracing natural hair texture is keeping it healthy. Scalp dryness and hair breakage are big no-nos. That’s why up-and-coming formulations will focus on properties like moisture retention, detangling, soothing a dry scalp, and nourishing both the hair and scalp.

Inspiration: Nutrient Infused Treatment Mask

The Nutrient Infused Treatment Mask brings a boost of intense hydration to your wash day. Formulated with Peptaide® 4.0, an AI-powered peptide matrix, this hair mask nourishes textured hair to free up tangles, moisturize brittle curls and coils, and support the scalp’s overall health. Through a combination of hydrating technologies, it leaves locks feeling silky smooth and soft to the touch.

Reinforcing the power of protective styles

Protective styles like braids and twist outs have been around for centuries, preserving the health of textured hair by reducing manipulation and protecting it from environmental stressors. To keep these styles going strong, hair care products should aim to keep hair feeling fresh between washes and reduce scalp irritation caused by tension.

Inspiration: Refreshing Scalp Hydro Serum

Specifically designed to support scalp health for protective styles, the Refreshing Scalp Hydro Serum delivers deep hydration and nourishment with Rambuvital®, an upcycled rambutan seed extract that also tackles unwanted odor. With its light, gel-like consistency, the serum reduces dryness and irritation while supporting an optimal environment for healthy hair follicles.

Inspiration: Sculpting Twist Butter

To prepare and protect the hair before twisting or braiding, pre-treat it with Sculpting Twist Butter. This rich and creamy formula softens the hair with enhanced conditioning. Drawing softness and nourishment from a combination of naturally derived ingredients such as Cetiol® Softfeel, Cetiol® C5, and Myritol® 331 N, it reduces breakage and alleviates stress from extended styles.

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Preserving the natural beauty of curls and coils

For many consumers with textured hair, the ideal treatments preserve their natural styles by delivering bouncy curls with hold, control, and long-lasting definition. Hydration and frizz management are must-haves, but you get bonus points for products that help keep curls elongated while preventing shrinkage and preserving style even after manipulation.

Inspiration: Curl Craft Cream

Designed with the goal of enriching natural curls, the Curl Craft Cream makes textured hair more manageable with enhanced smoothness and hydration. The cream is infused with nourishing ingredients like Cegesoft® PS 6 and Cegesoft® SB 45 TR to deeply hydrate to improve smoothness and manageability. Verdessence® Alginate adds an additional nourishing element to the formula, promoting healthy and vibrant curls and accentuating the natural curl pattern.

Inspiration: Curl Lock Pump Mousse

For long-lasting definition with less retouching and restyling, lock in your perfected curls with the Curl Lock Pump Mousse. Thanks to star ingredients like Luviquat® Supreme AT 1 and Luviquat® PQ 11 AT 1, this styling mousse enhances natural curl patterns, manages frizz, and conditions hair for a texture that’s soft to the touch.

Under the microscope: Hair porosity

Existing scientific research on hair porosity is limited. In general, high porosity hair has more gaps in the cuticles, which lets moisture in quickly but makes it difficult to retain.

Consumers with high or low porosity hair — a concern typically shared by those with textured hair — tend to use more solutions that can address these factors in their routines. The chemists at BASF are currently working to better understand the factors that influence hair porosity, and we look forward to sharing our solutions with you in the near future.

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Ready to explore the possibilities?

As you work to reach the underserved areas of the textured hair market, BASF is here to help. Contact us to ask for formulation help or request a sample of one of our star ingredients.

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