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When you're as beauty-obsessed as we are, you get a feel for what's all-the-rage and what's passé. Our magazine has the scoop on all the beauty trends, products and benefits that people are buzzing about these days. Give it a read to learn about the personal care topics we've been crushing on lately.

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Additional Stories

Simply Zinc formulas, give sunshine

Let’s STICK it to sun damage!

Simply Zinc STICK formulas: light weight, non-greasy, and smooth as silk for natural SPF in convenient stick format!

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BASF Adaptogens for Personal Care formulation

Breathe in, breathe out — what are adaptogens all about?

Adaptogens crossed over from health and wellness circles to the realm of personal care. Their claim to fame: they help the body resist stress-induced damage and restore its regular functions.

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Map with Ingredients - Recipe Sized

Recipes with Adaptogens

It’s not everyday that BASF Care Creations features products where the key ingredient is good enough to eat, so we wanted to take this opportunity to make this concept a bit more experiential; a fun and interesting way to connect with ingredients that have been used over thousands of years in the traditional food and medicine of a number of cultures around the world.

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Phytofirm 1360 image

Firm up with Fermentation in your Skincare Routine

Personal care formulators now have fermentation-based skincare solutions offering a biotic boost for skin firmness and elasticity

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woman lying relaxed in a field of plants

Skin-mimicking tech adds pollution protection to your skincare lineup

Scientists from BASF Care Creations are certain they can do more. That’s why they came up with Mimiskin, a natural polymer alternative that mimics the skin’s lipid particles to form a protective film. As we know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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Man with groomed beard with backlight

Take quarantine beards to the next level

What’s with all the beards? A study shows that since the COVID-19 pandemic began, 40 percent of men aged 18–64 have grown facial hair. It’s become a new reality of lockdown and work-from-home routines. And while beards are a symbol of low-maintenance life, consumers still want help taking care of their facial hair. Whether you’re rocking a goatee, a mustache or a full-blown forest, it’s important to use the right products for healthy, shiny facial hair. New ingredients for beard care formulations are here to help consumers release their inner lumberjack.

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Woman in white blouse framing her face with hands

All in for Melanin: A moisturizing, mattifying solution developed specifically for Black skin

Consumers are calling for more personalized skincare that addresses issues unique to melanated skin. That’s a fancy way of saying we need targeted skincare ingredients and claims for Black consumers and all consumers of color. And it’s critical that products and ingredients proclaiming that they are for Black consumers are tested on and with Black consumers to demonstrate safety, efficacy, and acceptability. With all that in mind, let’s talk about formulating for healthy, hydrated and all-around beautiful melanated skin.

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Woman wearing mask and gloves

New norms: How 2020 redefined beauty

Let’s take a look at the big topics on everyone’s minds today, how they affect the personal care industry, and how formulators and suppliers can work together to address consumer needs. Learn how COVID-19 brought stronger, simpler skincare!

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