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Let’s STICK it to sun damage!

Simply Zinc formula provides natural, effective SPF in a convenient stick format

Published On: 03/28/21

A return to outdoor activities requires UV protection

Did anything good come out of our year of lockdown? It’s hard to say, but one trend that can be seen as a silver lining is our restored connection to the outdoors. However, life in the sunshine, as we all know, has its advantages and disadvantages. We all know how important Vitamin D is, but extended exposure to the sun can be extremely harmful to our skin. That’s why SPF is an important part of any daily routine – whether spending the day at the beach, sitting in the park, stretching your legs outside after a home office marathon, or commuting to work. As spring blooms and we run back outside, UV protection is top of mind. That’s why BASF has created Simply Zinc, a concept featuring two natural SPF 30 sunscreen stick formulations designed for convenient, on-the-go protection.

Clean and convenient: consumer must-haves

Consumers are increasingly seeking out UV products that have the added benefits of naturalness and ease of use. It’s clear that environmental issues are a growing focus area in sun care as launches with eco-ethical claims have sharply increased over the past few years.

From November 2019 to October 2020, 54% of US sun care launches utilized claims in the “Ethical – environmentally friendly product” space (Mintel GNPD).

As some organic or chemical UV filters are already banned in Hawaii and the topic continues to receive media exposure, consumers want products that are safe for them and safe for the environment.

And that’s where Zinc Oxide comes in – a natural mineral UV filter that has broad-spectrum protection and can be used in a variety of different formats. Consumers want convenience and easy application, and believe it or not, it’s possible with Zinc Oxide.

Broad-spectrum protection for the active & conscious consumer

Have you ever tried applying a Zinc Oxide sunscreen on the go and end up a sticky, pasty mess? That’s exactly why BASF developed Simply Zinc, a fast-blending sunscreen stick featuring Z-COTE® HP1 X. This natural SPF 30 formula is perfect for those consumers who are always on-the-go and need broad spectrum protection that is accessible wherever they are, and don’t have the time (or a mirror!) to fuss with a cream. Apply Simply Zinc with a few swipes, rub gently, and you’ll be surprised by how smooth and soft it feels.

Claim your sample here and feel it for yourself!*

Don’t forget about protecting the kids, we didn’t!

BASF also took care to develop a convenient option for children, because reapplying sunscreen to kids on the move can be difficult! Simply Zinc (Kids) is a natural broad-spectrum SPF 30 formulation made with Z-COTE that offers easy application and is not sticky or oily, which can often lead to a negative reaction from kids.

Don’t miss out on these cutting-edge formulas that will win over consumers from greasy tube applications.

The Simply Zinc concept has launched in North America as of March 2021. Speak with a BASF Care Creations representative to obtain a sample kit* and begin formulating with ZnO.

* sample kits are subject to availability and for accredited companies only. Sample kits are not available for individual consumers.

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