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When you're as beauty-obsessed as we are, you get a feel for what's all-the-rage and what's passé. Our magazine has the scoop on all the beauty trends, products and benefits that people are buzzing about these days. Give it a read to learn about the personal care topics we've been crushing on lately.

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Additional Stories

outdoor sun protection for woman, image

What’s in style? Clean hair styling formulations with proven results

Naturally, consumers want hair styling products with clean, natural ingredients and the same great performance. What’s better than leaving home with a flawlessly styled head of hair? It’s hard to improve on perfection, but scientists found a way. The latest hair styling trend is all about clean, natural ingredients in tested formulations.

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Carbon managment tree canope

Net Zero CO2 Emissions by 2050

The transition toward a climate-friendly society remains a fundamental challenge of the 21st century. As an energy-intensive company, BASF has set itself an ambitious goal of climate neutrality by 2050. In doing so, we want to move forward as quickly as possible

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Ramboutan 83 cover image

Supporting Communities Around the World with Sustainable Sourcing

BASF Care Chemicals active ingredients not only deliver powerful results for skin and hair, but they also positively impact communities around the world. Read on to learn more about the communities in Morocco and Vietnam who partner with BASF to produce the highest quality plant materials for BASF active ingredients in a safe, sustainable, and fair way.

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BASF's Commitment to Water, our most precious resource

Water: Our most precious resource

How can the beauty and personal care industry contribute to water conservation? Enable consumers to use less water by directly reducing the water content of formulations and providing fun, effective solutions to reduce the need to shampoo hair every day!

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Earth day, saving out green earth

Our Palm Commitment

In 2019, BASF, The Estée Lauder Companies and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) partnered with the civil society organization Solidaridad to promote sustainable palm oil and palm derivatives production in the district of Waykanan, Lampung, Indonesia.

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Simply Zinc formulas, give sunshine

Let’s STICK it to sun damage!

Simply Zinc STICK formulas: light weight, non-greasy, and smooth as silk for natural SPF in convenient stick format!

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BASF Adaptogens for Personal Care formulation

Breathe in, breathe out — what are adaptogens all about?

Adaptogens crossed over from health and wellness circles to the realm of personal care. Their claim to fame: they help the body resist stress-induced damage and restore its regular functions.

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Map with Ingredients - Recipe Sized

Recipes with Adaptogens

It’s not everyday that BASF Care Creations features products where the key ingredient is good enough to eat, so we wanted to take this opportunity to make this concept a bit more experiential; a fun and interesting way to connect with ingredients that have been used over thousands of years in the traditional food and medicine of a number of cultures around the world.

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