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The SOLID choice for an ultra-mild surfactant

Setting the BAR high with eco-friendly solutions

Published On: 08/01/22

One solid choice to help save the Earth

Liquid soap may rule the soap market; however, there are a lot of hidden benefits to the old, reliable bar of soap that people are just beginning to discover.

Maybe you don’t think of your liquid soap as generating a lot of waste, but it’s all in the numbers. With lower environmental impact, more washes per purchase, and generally no harmful ingredients, solid soaps bring all the best parts of your shampoo without the big eco footprint.

What’s the big difference, then? The answer all comes down to water.

The weight of water

If you look at the back of your liquid shampoo bottle, the first ingredient will be water. With liquid shampoos being up to 80% water, all that extra weight can be costly without any added value, ( Every added ounce of water bulks up the carbon footprint of shipping, and dilutes the product that ends up in your hair. Considering you’re taking your shampoo to the shower, it’s that 20% of other ingredients that really makes the difference.

A bar of soap compactness makes it perfect for travel, whether in your suitcase for vacation (solid soap is TSA approved in any size) or on a truck making its way to your store’s shelves. Bar shampoos also stick around for up to two-to-three times more washes than traditional liquid shampoos, meaning shampoo will end up on your shopping list far less often, ( Let’s not forget one of the most obvious benefits: solid soap can be sold in paper packaging, forgoing the plastic bottle and keeping environmentally harmful packaging out of our landfills and waterways.

Bar soap has 25% smaller carbon footprint per wash than traditional liquid soaps (

And if you’re still concerned about the potential for bacteria on your bar of soap, don’t worry. Bacteria need water to grow and without it, your bar of soap is as clean as can be, without any of the potentially harmful preservatives that liquid soaps often contain. A damp bar of soap may mean some bacteria can gather over time, but studies have shown that these levels do not pose any risks to consumers. As long as you scrub, your soap does its job; if anything, bar soap goes above and beyond that. Bar soaps also leave out many of the chemicals that may strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving you with just a fresh, natural clean.

A simple solution for a complex problem

If the benefits of solid soap sound compelling, the good news is that they’re not limited to just hand soaps. With BASF’s newest launch, Texapon® SFA UP Powder, this ultra-gentle surfactant can bring that natural, eco-friendly power of solid formats to anything from shampoos to facial cleanser tablets. In addition to all the benefits that come with solid formats, its excellent stability across all temperatures and pH ranges allows it to fit any role needed.

Performance is not the only thing this ingredient offers. Made from all natural-based and renewable raw ingredients, Texapon® SFA UP Powder keeps it green through and through. Without ethoxylates or preservatives, it’s a great sulfate-alternative ingredient that’s gentle for your hair and skin. It still works as an impressive foaming agent, and an effective cleanser, but it keeps even the most sensitive skin and hair in mind.

Talk the talk, so walk the walk

If you want to see Texapon® SFA UP Powder’s in action, the Creamy Foam Shampoo Bar and the Conditioning Shampoo Bar demonstrates its advantages. As bar formats, they already come with a lower carbon footprint than liquid formats, and Texapon® SFA UP Powder boosts their performance to the maximum. These high- foam, conditioning shampoo bars give a luxurious and hydrating cleanse for smoother, silkier, and more radiant hair.

Texapon® SFA UP Powder’s easy processing allows it to be incorporated in paste formats with slow or fast mixing, meaning bar soap is not the only format that keeps it greener. The Low Water Shampoo Paste demonstrates the same outstanding benefits of Texapon® SFA UP Powder in an easy to dispense paste form.. As a concentrated paste, far less product per wash is required than liquid shampoo while still providing a sudsy clean for soft, manageable hair.

The Cleansing Facial Tablet and the Cream Oil Cleanser are both designed as entirely water-free solutions and demonstrate the versatility of Texapon SFA UP Powder. . With Texapon® SFA UP Powder’s comfortable after-feel, these cleansers gently eliminate dirt and oil for a soothing touch that lasts.

Keeping it green

Knowing how to make greener choices without losing performance isn’t always obvious, but with Texapon® SFA UP Powder, turning your beauty routine a bit eco-friendlier is easy. With versatile, solid solutions, every wash is one step closer to a better, less wasteful world.

For more information or for samples of Texapon® SFA UP Powder, contact BASF or your local distributor!

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