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Breakdown & Breakthrough: Targeted formulas to reveal your best skin and hair

Published On: 08/10/22

Growing beauty from the ground up

If you’ve ever cultivated a garden, you know that it all starts with the soil. It’s impossible to grow a seed in bad ground. The principle is the same for fostering your natural beauty: great hair and skin only grows when their foundation is well cared for.

Many people don’t give the building blocks of their beauty care enough consideration. While wrinkles and dull hair can be helped with creams and shampoos, it’s worth wondering if you’re listening to what your body needs to address concerns at the foundation. Everything from stress, pollution, or the products you use can influence the delicate ecosystem of your hair and skin.

Over time your scalp may collect buildup that prevents it from being its best, or your skin may lose the valuable moisture that keeps it strong. It’s necessary to rebalance these biomes in order for your beauty to flourish.

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Breakdown of the Buildup

There are two kinds of build up: natural buildup and buildup from products.

Natural buildup comes from the sweat, dead cells, and sebum – your natural oils – collecting around your hair follicles. Some products you may use include film-forming ingredients that can build up in your hair and on your scalp over time. Ingredients like mineral oil, petrolatum, waxes, high molecular weight silicones like dimethicone and amodimethicone work to keep your hair shiny and smooth but are not easily rinsed off in the shower.

From root to tip: all about your hair

Healthy hair starts at the follicle, passing down nutrients from root to tip, and this buildup can cause pores to become clogged and ultimately suffocate the root of the hair. This can give you dull or dry hair, as well as irritate your scalp.

There’s no hard and fast rule to caring for your hair. Everyone’s hair has its own needs, but keeping it clean with regular washing is key. If you use a sulfate-free shampoo and the buildup won’t quit, don’t be afraid to add a clarifying shampoo to your routine to help fight buildup.

A robust scrub like the Breakdown Scalp Scrub can help break down any buildup left behind by other products. This gentle, exfoliating scrub is designed for efficient cleansing of the scalp. It contains Cegesoft® Peel, a vegan, biodegradable, microplastic alternative made from spherically shaped wax beads that provides mild physical exfoliation. Beta-Hydroxide™ ACSD, a gentle BHA, is also added to further help reduce oiliness and effectively exfoliate without irritation.

Building up for the Breakthrough

Dry skin can seem simple, but it’s easily misunderstood. Oily or acne prone skin is often seen as the opposite of dry skin. In fact, it can be a sign your skin is overproducing oils in response to dryness. The reality is your skin uses a system of natural oils and water to keep your dermal biome in equilibrium. Disrupting that system can throw your skin out of balance.

The outer most layer of your skin, called the stratum corneum, consists of cells and lipids built together like building blocks. Your natural oils are meant to lock in moisture, but anything from low humidity to the products you use can work to strip away those protective oils and dry out your skin.

Supporting your skin: replace and rehydrate

Traditionally moisturizers have a high-water content that works to replace any lost moisture as well as oils that trap that water in the skin where it belongs. While using gentle soaps and staying hydrated can go a long way to keeping your skin moisturized, regularly applying a moisturizer can make your skin smoother, softer, and more radiant.

The Breakthrough Body Butter can give your skin just that hydrating boost it needs. This decadent, rich cream is perfect for areas of severe dryness. Two naturally derived and nourishing emollients, Cetiol® SoftFeel, a clean alternative to petrolatum, and Cegesoft® PS 6, a special blend of canola oil, work to moisturize and leave the skin feeling intensely hydrated. Cosmetic active ingredient, Castaline™, derived from French chestnut leaves, is also included to help improve the appearance of skin prone to extreme dryness. Use this body butter year-round to target problem areas and keep skin feeling silky smooth.

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No matter how extensive your beauty care routine may be, keeping your skin and scalp healthy is key. Just like the flowers in your garden need healthy soil to flourish, your skin and hair need your support to reach their full potential.

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