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Novel Natural Textures

Raising the bar on clean self-care products

Consumers’ self-care trends have continued to evolve over the past few years, especially amidst the global pandemic. During lockdowns, the most successful products were ones that offered a unique experience to the user and added elements of surprise or fun. This trend has stuck around: consumers continue to demand new and interesting textures for face and neck care products to add to their self-care routines (Mintel GNPD). Additionally, naturality continues to hold an increasingly more important place in personal care products, as consumers believe that natural products are safer.

Published On: 09/29/21

Trends create the Novel Natural Textures concept

BASF Care Creations was inspired by these important trends to create the Novel, Natural Textures concept. The leave-on and rinse-off skin care formulations include transformational textures as well as food-inspired ones, featuring textures such as souffles, puddings, and smoothies. The goal was to achieve the highest naturality possible of all formulations based on ISO 16128, while utilizing the building blocks for successfully creating natural textures with rheology modifiers, emollients, emulsifiers and waxes. These unique formulas will allow for exciting self-care routines, all while making consumers feel comfortable with the ingredients they’re using.

The Proof is in the Pudding

These 7 formulations are meant to provide inspiration for formulators creating fun and natural products that can be added into daily routines. Request your sample kit to experience the fun for yourself*.

Nourishing Caviar Ampoules –This formula will leave skin feeling as luxurious as the name suggests. The caviar-inspired ampoules require consumers to engage with the product, offering a unique application on the skin. The BASF ingredients used are NPA and COSMOS approved, and the formula is 100% natural**.

Nourishing caviar

Moisturizing Soufflé – This light, fluffy formula will feel like clouds melting into your skin, making it a feel-good staple for added moisture. The BASF ingredients used are NPA and COSMOS approved, and the formula is 99% natural**.

Moisturizing souffle

Pudding Cream –This food-inspired texture is 98% natural**. Skin is left feeling cared for by this formula that closely mimics a decadent pudding.

Pudding cream

Yogurt Smoothie –The elegant combination of ingredients creates a serum-like emulsion that feels silky smooth on skin. The BASF ingredients included in this formula are NPA and COSMOS approved in addition to the formula being 99% natural**.

Yogurt smoothie sized

Jammin’ Jelly Body Wash – This formula is meant for washing the day away while belting out your favorite song in the shower. This bouncy jelly texture is over 95% natural** and creates a fun experience that helps make the monotonous task of getting clean the new highlight of your day.


Balm2Powder – The switch from a soft, smooth initial feel to a light, powdery afterfeel allows for the element of surprise in daily routines. This formula is over 98% natural** and contains the ingredient building blocks to create this unique texture shift.

Balm2powder sized

Gel2Oil – The initial gelee texture of this formula quickly turns to a moisturizing liquid without a sticky or greasy afterfeel. This transformational formula is 99% natural**.


*Sample kits subject to BASF approval and availability.

**Natural origin % = Number of natural carbon atoms / Total number of carbon atoms (natural and non-natural) x 100 (ISO Norm 16128-2). Non-BASF products not considered in calculation and certification.

You can request Sample Kits for the above formulas by clicking on the formula title or contact your BASF representative.

BASF Care Creations remains dedicated to developing innovative solutions that meet the self-care and sustainability needs requested by consumers.

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