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Taking AP/Deo to New Heights

Novel Formulations & Natural Formats

Published On: 11/02/21

All Around the World

Consumers are increasingly interested in personal care products that are not only effective, but also provide them with a sense of well-being and comfort, which is why the AP/Deo market continues to grow globally. In the US alone, the retail value for AP/Deo was approximately $16.2M in 2019 with an expected growth rate of 4% through 2023 (Euromonitor, IRI). Additionally, the segment is exploding in countries throughout the Middle East and Africa as disposable incomes and access to online retailers expands. Brands traditionally focused on skin care are sensing the urgency in this segment and quickly expanding into AP/Deo, bringing products with unique healthy skin benefits.

Clean as a Whistle

Brands can glean inspiration from the current trends to create consumer-driven products in this segment. General interest in health and wellness among consumers, for example, is leading to an increased demand for natural ingredients, which have the perception of being more effective in maintaining skin health (Mintel).

64% of women aged 18-49 in China perceive naturally-derived ingredients as being more effective in maintaining skin health. – Mintel

Consumers are looking for brands to convey “skin-friendliness” with AP/Deo products containing natural ingredients and abiding by industry clean lists. Additionally, interest in microbiome-friendly products is on the rise, particularly in the U.S. (Mintel). These formulas aim to support an environment for “good” bacteria on the skin that is not conducive to odor-causing bacteria, further emphasizing the consumer desire to support healthy skin.

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Beat the Heat with New Formats

In addition to health and wellness, market drivers such as global climate change and the self-care movement are creating opportunities for innovation in AP/Deo. As temperatures rise globally, so does the need for products that are easy to reapply and target parts of the body beyond the underarms.

60% of U.S. adults express interest in AP/Deo designed for the whole body. – Mintel

Consumer fascination with products that go beyond functional and add excitement to daily routines is another factor leading to new product development of unique formulas and formats. Skin care and AP/Deo continue to overlap more as serum, balm, and cream formats increase.


The End-to-End Solution

Formulating unique AP/Deo products with these consumers' demands in mind is no easy task. A critical aspect of successfully formulating AP/Deo products is the combination of chassis ingredients used to meet natural claims (ISO 16128), create soft, smooth textures, develop innovative formats, and more. BASF’s portfolio of emollients, emulsifiers, rheology modifiers, and other chassis ingredients can create interesting formulations that hit on the key trends highlighted above: naturality, microbiome-friendly, and innovative formats.

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Formulas to inspire creativity

BASF Care Creations developed a formulation collection featuring natural formulations and novel formats using our broad portfolio of chassis ingredients. Explore the formulations featured in the collection below.

Natural & Powdery Deo Stick (SC-DC-101-25)

Hydra Serum Roll-On (SC-DE-21-065-8)

Microbiome Supporting Deo Roll-On (SC-US-21-36036-97)

Gelee Deo Stick (SC-DE-20-236-21)

Soft & Creamy Body Deo (SC-DE-20-181-29)

Shake N’ Spray AP (SC-US-21-36036-98)

Formulas are for experimental use only and not intended for consumer use.

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