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The beauty of biopolymers in personal care

Designed for natural products, a new line of biopolymers offers sustainability benefits and effective performance

Published On: 09/20/22

Like the links in your charm bracelet, polymers are all about forming connections. Built from linked-up monomers, these molecular chain structures are highly effective at boosting the properties of personal care products.

Polymers are diverse enough to alter almost any product characteristic such as thickness, solubility, emulsification, preservation, conditioning, or exfoliation properties, just to name a few. For formulators and consumers alike, that’s a beautiful thing.

For those who value sustainability in their consumer products, biopolymers are the new rising star in personal care. These natural alternatives bring a host of sustainability benefits and the same great performance we all demand.

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Answering consumer calls

When it comes to personal care products, modern consumers have a lot of questions. Where are the ingredients sourced? How are they manufactured? What are their effects on the environment after we’ve washed them off? And last but not least: are they safe and effective?

Polymers are traditionally sourced from petroleum, which consumers may associate negatively with fossil fuels, leaking pipelines, and environmental damage. The beauty of biopolymers lies in their sustainability, as they’re derived from the cells of living organisms. When sourced responsibly from the right plant materials, biopolymers can be made environmentally friendly.

It’s clear that consumers are calling for natural, sustainable alternatives. Biopolymers help your brand address their concerns by reducing the environmental impact of your products.

To solve both sustainability and formulation challenges, it’s all about partnering with the right supplier.

Verdessence at a glance: Gorgeous in green

The Verdessence line by BASF Care Creations offers biodegradable, bio-based solutions made from sustainably sourced and renewable raw materials. We developed innovative manufacturing processes to create high-performance ingredients while helping you answer the call for greener products.

This natural, 100% plant-based rheology modifier excels at smoothing, thickening, and texturizing formulations to make them feel luxurious. It works in multiple skin and hair care applications, providing all-around great performance. It also brings sustainability to the table with no GMO sourcing, no preservatives, and a readily biodegradable composition.

With its small particle size, this plant-based sensory powder provides the ideal smooth, light skin-feel for matte cosmetics. Made from non-GMO broken rice sourced from Europe, it’s 100% derived from renewable feedstocks in line with ISO 16128, making it a strong natural alternative to synthetic sensory modifiers. Say goodbye to greasy, sticky formulations and say hello to beautifully mattified cosmetics. It’s also the most multifunctional of the Verdessence lineup, with applications in antiperspirants and deodorants, baby care, and hair care.

Konjac plant tubers make this natural texturizing polymer an excellent cold processable rheology modifier. Check it out if you want to create verified eco-friendly formulations, whether it’s for aqueous systems like gels, fluids, and serums or novel formats like patches, jellies, and peels.

This multi-talented natural polymer is derived from algae. It’s versatile enough to work as a rheology modifier, sensory enhancer, or setting polymer in all kinds of rinse-off and leave-on applications in skin and hair care, not to mention natural cosmetics.

A popular option in cleansing and face, hair, body, and oral care, xanthan gum makes it possible to create the clearest of solutions. This vegan-compatible thickener and stabilizer is a great option for formulators who want body washes, facial cleansers, or tooth gels with clarity and plenty of sustainability benefits.

Talk the talk, walk the walk

It’s important to participate in the conversation around sustainable products, but it’s even more critical to consider ingredients carefully and develop products backed by proven sustainability.

BASF created the Verdessence line with a clear goal in mind: to provide a holistic range of biopolymer ingredients to the personal care industry. That’s how we help you keep pace with the latest trends, address your formulation challenges, and support sustainability in the personal care world.

Verdessence is fully compliant with COSMOS, Natrue and IECIC standards. With extensive testing methods, world-class facilities, and knowledgeable chemists, we also have the data to back up our commitment to sustainable and high-performing products.

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More green innovations to come

BASF’s Verdessence line will continue to expand into a dedicated portfolio as we innovate new biobased ingredients for your formulation needs. To request a sample of Verdessence biopolymers, use the links below or contact us today.

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