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Epispot™ for filter-free confidence

As consumers embrace the #nofilter movement, brands can address the root causes of blemish-prone skin for an authentic confidence boost.

Published On: 04/16/24

Today’s consumers want to look flawless without filters. As digital beauty filters continue to dominate social media images, Gen Z users are pushing back with a more authentic definition of beauty.

Starting with the #nofilter movement that inspired countless hashtags and micro-trends, this self-affirming message is all about embracing yourself as you are. No more conventionally flattering filters, poses, lighting, and angles — just you and all your charming flaws.

But that doesn’t mean users don’t care about appearances. In one study of Gen Z social media users, 68% felt they wanted their posts to be as authentic and genuine as possible, but 52% still expressed that they wanted to make their posts look perfect.

Gen Z’s search for authenticity goes hand-in-hand with the need to feel confident in their own skin. To find that perfect balance, younger consumers look for effective skincare that targets their main skin concerns, including mattifying, skin perfecting, and defense for acne-prone skin.

72% of young adults state they feel pressure to look "perfect" due to the higher beauty standards set by social media (Curology 2023).

The mental health connection

The search for authentically flawless skin also ties into Gen Z’s concerns around mental health. Over time, all those filtered images and unrealistic standards can take a toll on a consumer’s self-perception and even create feelings of dysmorphia.

We talked about the relationship between mental health, self care, and personal care products in Rediscover the Joy in Beauty, but to sum up, a skincare routine can help foster feelings of well-being and confidence.

To balance everything on the average Gen Z consumer’s mind, skincare formulations must be effective against their common skincare concerns, include naturally derived ingredients, and promote a healthy-looking complexion by addressing the scientific causes of imbalanced skin.

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Balance from within with Epispot

Dedicated to blemish-prone skin, Epispot™ gets to the root of imperfections. It harnesses the power of responsibly sourced rosebay willowherb (Epilobium angustifolium, also called the Phoenix Flower) to help balance the skin’s lipids, tame its microbiota, and amplify its natural antioxidant defense system.

By helping to restore lipid balance, refine the appearance of pores, and purify the skin, Epispot is clinically proven to reduce skin shine and provide a smooth, matte complexion. It even perfects the appearance of skin for a photo-ready look. No filter needed.

How does Epispot stack up against beauty filters?

According to results from in vivo studies, Epispot helps skincare formulations provide that flawless look by emulating filters like these.

  • Anti-shine filter effect: Restores lipid balance to reduce shine and normalize the appearance of oily skin, delivering an immediate and long-lasting matte feeling.
  • Anti-imperfection filter effect: Diminishes imperfections by rebalancing the skin’s microbiome, supporting healthy oil levels, less irritation, and clearer skin.
  • Healthy glow filter effect: Boosts the skin’s defenses against oxidative stress, promoting healthy skin shine and contributing to healthy-looking skin.
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Get real with Authentically Balanced Face Lotion

Ready to take that perfectly imperfect pic? No need for a ring light – just bring yourself and your Authentically Balanced Face Lotion™. With Epispot as its star ingredient, this light emulsion brings balance to oily and blemish-prone skin with its mattifying and skin perfecting qualities.

A thickener called Verdessence™ Tara provides smooth, natural textures in the formulation, including a cushiony after-feel. As a result, the formulation feels soft and lightweight on the skin, creating a sensory experience that contributes to the feeling of balance and authenticity.

Ready to find your balance?

With all the insights we have about Gen Z, it can be tricky to formulate skincare products that meet all their needs, but BASF is here to help you find that sweet spot. Contact us to discuss your next formulation or request a sample of Epispot.

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