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Greener "paste" formulas for a more sustainable future

Published On: 03/30/22

Consumers are more eco-friendly than they were six months ago

You’ve no doubt heard the conventional ways of saving the Earth: don’t litter, always recycle, and walk or use public transportation instead of driving. They’re all excellent steps to take, but for the more eco-conscious, there’s a lot more that we can do to be greener. People today are deciding they need to make a change, and in a recent global survey, over half of participants said they are more eco-friendly than they were six months ago.

One way to be more green is to think about the environment and sustainability impact of what you buy. Using greener products makes for a greener life, so it’s natural to turn to your purchasing habits as a way to curtail the waste. If you did, you wouldn’t be alone: nearly half of respondents in a global survey said that eco-friendliness was something they considered before heading to the check-out line.

47% of respondents were likely to consider the eco-friendliness of a product before purchase (source: PwC Global Survey)

Rinse-off products like shampoos may be up to a whopping 95% water

When considering the environmental impact of the products you buy, it’s important to think about water. Water is one of the world’s most valuable resources, and it’s used in nearly everything. Water is the key ingredient in many beauty care products. The average beauty product contains anywhere from 60% to 85% water, and rinse-off products like shampoos may be up to a whopping 95% water. That’s a lot of extra water to send down the drain.

To help us all be more eco-conscious, BASF is proud to present two low-water formulations that keep water waste down while showing your hair the love it deserves.

The Low Water High Foam Cleansing Paste is exactly what it says on the package, but it is so much more. Containing less than 20% water, it saves water while bringing a gentle, sudsy clean by utilizing a sulfate-alternative surfactant, Plantapon® LGC Sorb. It also contains Gluadin® Kera-P LM, a micro-protein that helps penetrate deep into the hair cortex to reduce surface damage and provide long-lasting strength. The combination of Cetiol® Softfeel, a soft-solid petrolatum alternative, along with a conditioning agent, Dehyquart® Guar N, provides great conditioning and nourishing properties. After leaving your hair clean, soft, and manageable with significantly less water content, the Earth won’t be the only one thanking you for the change.

No haircare routine is done without conditioning

Everyone knows no haircare routine is done without conditioning, and BASF’s Nourishing Care Conditioning Paste has just the nourishing and moisturizing touch needed to keep hair soft and healthy. Featuring a combination of Cetiol® SB 45, a natural shea butter, along with Cetiol® Softfeel, a soft-solid petrolatum alternative, this formula leaves the hair feeling soft and healthy. The addition of a cationic emulsifier, Dehyquart® S-18 NA aids in easy combability and detangling while Cosmedia® Ultragel 300 acts as a stabilizing agent while also adding to the rich yet soft sensory profile. This silicone-alternative conditioning paste steers clear of ingredients that may cause further build up on hair, so detangling and combing is a breeze. And with a formula that is less than 35% water, it’s the finishing touch on a more sustainable beauty routine that will help you reduce your water footprint.

Both paste formulas are similar in consistency to toothpaste and neither are oily or greasy in feel. To use, we recommend you wet your hands prior to dispensing the product and rubbing the product between hands.

BASF is committed to working with consumers to make greener, more water-conscious choices.

This is not the first time we’ve shared the importance of water conservation and low-water solutions, and it likely won’t be the last. BASF is committed to working with consumers to make greener, more water-conscious choices. A shampoo bottle of water might seem like a few drops in the face of climate change; however, if we continue to save water in our purchasing decisions, those few drops of consumption can turn into a flood of savings for the Earth.

Sustainability is a collaborative effort for collective change, one luxurious hair wash at a time.

Feel free to copy us! Help conserve water with these water-conscience choices.

Download these water friendly formulas below or contact your BASF representative for help with your water-friendly formulas!

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