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Premium Salon Hair Care

Professional results in or out of the salon

Published On: 01/09/23

Bigger, better beauty just for you

If we learned one thing during the covid pandemic it’s that consumers want that salon experience right in their own home.

Consumers, who had to take their beauty care into their own hands, turned to online resources for guidance and inspiration. They brought the best their salon had to offer (and more) into the comfort and safety of their own homes. However, as they became more knowledgeable about their hair products, they became more demanding of quality, too.

As we emerge into a new normal, consumers high expectations haven’t dissipated. Instead of settling for products that cater generically to all hair types, many consumers have come away from the pandemic knowing exactly what their hair needs to look it’s best. However, it was not just about finding the best products, for them it was about finding the best products that led to healthier hair!

$2.6 B

2021 sales of prestige
hair care products


of U.S. adults who search
for beauty products
online to purchase
products recommended
by an influencer
(Mintel, GNPD, 2022)


price of the fastest-
growing products in
prestige hair care
(GNPD, 2022)

Healthier, more beautiful hair from the scalp to tip

Creating that perfect healthier product requires formulators to combine a range of ingredients into that one special product. That can be like finding a needle in a haystack. While this challenge can be daunting, for those up to the task the rewards can be great.

Fortunately, formulators have a partner in this process, BASF. With our wide range of high-performing, scientifically backed ingredients, there’s no need to settle for anything less than the best.

BASF constantly strives to create the highest quality tested ingredients that keep hair moisturized and soft, keep frizz down, and offer soothing scalp treatments.

As we know, healthy hair starts with the scalp, and there’s a variety of ingredients designed to lay the groundwork for your hair to flourish. Whether it’s clearing away product build-up with Scalposine® or providing your scalp a boost of moisturization with PatcH2O®, properly designed formulations can help protect and improve the scalp.

Protection leads to healthier hair that looks better

For post pandemic consumers, improving how their hair’s looks is just one step, their hair health is just as important. We all want our hair to be as healthy as possible. Between pollution, styling, and stress, it seems like damage to your hair is unavoidable. Consumers are searching for that one product that makes a difference.

Your formulation can be that difference. With ingredients like BASF’s Gluadin® Kera-P LM, a protein that works to strengthen and repair damaged hair, hair can thrive regardless of what it encounters during the day and into the night.

Hair can gain further support from ingredients like Luviquat Supreme AT 1, which keeps hair protected and mitigates future damage. This styling polymer works to not only keep frizz managed and maintain curly styles for longer, but also protects hair from damage due to styling. For those with dyed hair, Ultrahold® Power does that and more, ensuring that even dyed hair is protected from fading. By coating the hair in a protective layer, it guards dyed hair against the effects of UV light.

It’s all in the name

Creating formulations that work and with ingredients that help create healthier hair is a daunting task. Finding those perfect ingredients that work together is key.

Whether consumers are looking for high-quality products for healthier hair or experimenting with salon-style treatments at home, they’re looking for proven results that really shine.

BASF is here to supply salon-quality ingredients that live up to these expectations, helping to create hair products that are truly renowned for their ability to create beautiful, healthy hair.

You’ll find our extensive Salon Portfolio highlights the best and brightest that BASF has to offer to give your hair exactly what it needs, no matter what.

Download our comprehensive guide to Salon Professional Ingredients and see how our hair, scalp and styling technologies, that are backed by science, can help you create formulations that consumers will love! To get your guide, click here!