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A ‘greener’ pearlizer, from start to finish

Published On: 02/01/23

The process to 'greener' beauty

When it comes to going "green," it's not just about the ingredients, but the footprint they leave as well.

If consumers are curious and spend some time scrutinizing shampoo bottles, they'll notice that not all eco-friendly terms are equivalent. For example, what is "natural" may not be "sustainable." Likewise, what is "sustainable" may not be "biodegradable."

While it's unquestionably important to create hair care products that are high-quality and effective, the impact of those beauty care products isn't exclusive to what you see in the mirror. There's more to tell about the ingredients used, like what happens after your shampoo is washed down the drain. The bigger perspective on "green" beauty, includes a product's whole life cycle.

In harmony with nature

With some ingredients, that life cycle can be more complex than expected. For example; many popular pearlizers – the ingredients that give luster and shimmer to shampoos and shower gels – contain petroleum-based ingredients. While this doesn't necessarily make these products unsafe, petroleum's use impacts the environment.

Finding eco-friendly alternatives can be a struggle, as switching can come with downsides. For example, glycol distearate is commonly used for its effectivity, but this ingredient and some other wax ingredients contain petroleum-based raw materials.

Wouldn't it be great to find a "greener" alternative that uses more natural and biodegradable ingredients without compromising performance or aesthetic benefit?

Here's where BASF's newest ingredient shines brightest: Euperlan® NL Pearl [Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (and) Cocamidopropyl Betaine (and) Glyceryl Oleate] is the first wax-based pearlizer to be approved by COSMOS as well as EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

It's suitable for natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and sulfate-alternative solutions. Euperlan NL Pearl s made from rapeseed wax, it is EO-free, and is biodegradable. Euperlan NL Pearl was created to be "greener".

More than just a bit of polish

Not only does Euperlan NL Pearl add a luxurious pearlescent finish to shampoos, but it also provides additional benefits to hair's look and feel. With its added conditioning effect, it improves hair's smoothness and suppleness for easy to comb hair with less breakage.

If you're looking to add all that to your beauty line, the Pearly White Radiance Shampoo shows off all the best of Euperlan NL Pearl. This shampoo keeps hair smooth and easy to comb. With the help of Dehyquart® Guar N, hair stays hydrated while Sulfopon® 1216 G, a sodium coco-sulfate, and Plantaren® 818 UP, a non-ionic surfactant, work to clean hair.

The Breakage Prevention Pearl Shampoo features Euperlan NL Pearl for the same impressive lustrous appearance, with a boost of conditioning effects. The additional conditioning benefits of Dehyquart Guar N and Plantasil® Micro leaves hair nourished and strong. In addition, Plantaren 818 UP, a nonionic surfactant, provides gentle cleansing, while Plantapon® ACG 50, an anionic co-surfactant, provides excellent foaming properties for a fresh clean.

Some petroleum-based ingredients contain compounds that can linger in the groundwater supply for years. Those compounds have been shown to have potential negative impacts on the environment. Not with Euperlan NL Pearl. Just as important as its performance, using Euperlan NL Pearl in your formulations means that petroleum-based ingredients aren't being rinsed into the water stream during bathing.

You can be sure that these ingredients are as safe for the Earth as they are for your hair.

Eco-friendly without compromise

We know it can be tough to know the full story of the products you use, but rest assured that Euperlan NL Pearl puts eco-friendliness first without sacrificing its outstanding performance.

It's all part of the process for "greener" beauty, from start to finish.

Click here to try a Euperlan NL Pearl sample in your formulation!

Would you like to consult with a BASF representative? Then click here.

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