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Pearly White Radiance Shampoo


Pearly White Radiance Shampoo features our latest launch, Euperlan® NL Pearl, an eco-friendly pearlizer that provides a luxurious pearlescent finish to this shampoo. Not only does this ingredient visually enhance the appearance of this formula, but it also provides high performance in wet and dry combing as well as anti-hair breakage. It also provides hair sensory benefits such as suppleness, smoothing, and a caring effect. The formulation also features Sulfopon® 1216 G, a sodium coco-sulfate, and Plantraren® 818 UP, a non-ionic surfactant, that work together to provide foam and clean the hair, while Dehyquart® Guar N acts as a conditioning agent.

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Phase Ingredients INCI % By Weight Function
A Water, dimin Aqua 72.16
Sulfopon® 1216 G Sodium Coco-Sulfate 8.00 Surfactant
Dehyquart® GUAR N Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride 0.20 Conditioning agent
Citric Acid (50% solution) Citric Acid 0.15 Neutralizing agent
B Plantaren® 818 UP Coco-Glucoside 13.13 Surfactant
Euperlan® NL Pearl Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (and) Cocamidopropyl Betaine (and) Glyceryl Oleate 3.00 Pearlizer
Fragrance Parfum 0.30 Fragrance
Sodium Benzoate Sodium Benzoate 0.50 Preservative
Sodium Chloride Sodium Chloride 0.83 Rheology modifier
C Citric Acid (50% solution) Citric Acid 1.55 Neutralizing agent


pH value: (23°C): 5.10-5.30

Viscosity (Brookfield; RVT; spindle 4; 10 rpm; 23°C): 3000-6000 cP

Appearance: pearly white


Additional performance has not been evaluated

Manufacturing Process

1. Heat water of Phase A to 70°C and add ingredients in order of addition, stir until completely dissolved.

2. Cool down Phase A to below 35°C before adding ingredients of Phase B in given order to Phase A and stir after each addition is

completely homogeneous.

3. Adjust pH value with Phase C.

Additional Information

Fragrance: Vanilla Love (Carruba)


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