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It’s a fact we all know to be true: beauty news never sleeps. With so many new ingredients, products, and trends emerging every day, keeping in the know can be a challenge. Fortunately, innovators at BASF are here to give you the inside scoop. Every quarter, Trending Formulas Now will feature our most interesting and innovative formulas that can’t be missed.

2nd Quarter 2023

Introducing triple-power protection for colored hair

If you’re one of the millions carving out time and money to achieve and maintain your desired hair color, there is nothing more frustrating than watching a fresh, new dye job strip and fade after what feels like only a few days or washes. Ugh. It feels like money washing down the drain. Literally. With the Color Seal kit you’ll resist fading, prolong your color, and protect your hair against damage.

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1st Quarter 2023

Strand Care – TLC from root to tip

Dry. Brittle. Frizz-prone. Constantly breaking.

Sound familiar? That’s the sound of your hair screaming out for some much-needed TLC.

You ask a lot of your hair, right? It gets pulled and twisted, blasted with hot air, scorched in the sun, dyed, straightened, curled, and wrestled—and you just want it to behave.

No, you want even more than that. You want your hair to look like a glossy and effortlessly pristine social media filter, with every strand in place. You want hair that works.

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4th quarter 2022

Oil-based beauty – The ultimate luxury for skin and hair

With how often we work to remove oils from our hair and skin, it may surprise you to hear that there’s a long history of using oils in beauty care. Olive oil was used in Egypt as a moisturizer and cleanser since the time of the Pharaohs, and hair oiling has been a tradition in India to keep hair strong and hydrated for over 5,000 years.

There’s a misconception that adding oils can make your hair and skin feel unpleasantly oily or cause breakouts. The assumption is that oils are only good for those who have very dry skin or hair. The reality is that your skin and hair are too complex to only be described as “oily” or “dry.” Like many things in our bodies they work as system, and oil is a key component.

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3rd Quarter 2022

Vivid Smile – Day and Night Care

It’s said that the first thing someone notices about a person is their smile. Are you doing everything you can to prepare your teeth for that first impression? We all know that we should brush after meals and floss daily, but there’s more that you can do to keep your teeth healthy and shiny. Like our hair and skin, there’s more that goes into the health of our teeth than meets the eye.

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2nd Quarter 2022

Breakdown & Breakthrough: Targeted formulas to reveal your best skin and hair.

If you’ve ever cultivated a garden, you know that it all starts with the soil. It’s impossible to grow a seed in bad ground. The principle is the same for fostering your natural beauty: great hair and skin only grows when their foundation is well cared for…

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1st Quarter 2022

Copy and our Paste - Greener “paste” formulas for a more sustainable future you can use today.

You’ve no doubt heard the conventional ways of saving the Earth: don’t litter, always recycle, and walk or use public transportation instead of driving. They’re all excellent steps to take, but for the more eco-conscious, there’s a lot more that we can do to be greener. People today are deciding they need to make a change...

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