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Rock your locks with scalp soothing hair products

These calming ingredients protect your hair and scalp from treatments, heat and pollution

The things we do for beautiful hair. Styling, straightening, highlights, coloring… the list goes on. And while it’s totally worth rocking some tight curls, trendy dip-dyed ends or a classic beach wave, treatments like those will do a number on your hair and scalp.

Published On: 12/05/19

Is your scalp stressed out?

There are many factors that stress out your scalp on a day-to-day basis: sun exposure, air pollution, indoor heating in the winter and AC in the summer. Also, washing. Are you washing your hair too much and irritating the scalp, or washing it too little and getting itchy from all the natural oils?

It’s tough out there for a raving beauty. And scalp concerns — ranging from itchiness to dryness to a weakened skin barrier — are a worldwide issue that affects all ethnicities.

According to a study by Mintel , an estimated 82 percent of African American consumers use hair care treatments for a scalp condition. In France, more than 44 percent of the population experience scalp sensitivity and in China, 67 percent report an itchy scalp.

That means if you’re itching for new scalp soothing solutions, you’re not alone. Here are some ingredients designed to help hair care manufacturers supercharge their product formulations with hydrating, scalp calming goodness.

Fighting with your hair? Patch things up!

Imagine something that makes you feel restored after a stressful week --- a steamy bath, hot cocoa with extra marshmallows, a couch date with your favorite video game --- and now imagine that thing in hair-product form.

PatcH20® is a restorative outlet for your stressed-out hair. As the name suggests, it patches your hair and scalp on a molecular level, forming a film with natural biopolymers that carry a concentrated dose of hydrating substances.

That bio-barrier repairs and rehydrates the surface of damaged hair and hydrates the scalp while protecting it from pollutants, heat styling and treatments. That leaves you with refreshed locks and long-lasting moisturization.

Request Sample: PatcH2O® A00297

Phytosterols to soothe and smooth

You grease the pan so the cake doesn’t stick, right? Likewise, your hair sometimes needs a little help to make it more manageable. That wasn’t the best analogy, but now you’re thinking about cake, so everybody wins.

Phytosoothe® is a treat for your hair and scalp. It’s made with phytosterols, or plant sterols, which play a key role in keeping the plant’s cell membranes healthy. As it turns out, it’s also good for soothing and reducing scalp irritation, smoothing your hair and making it easier to style.

It’s also easier for hair product formulators to work with, because the sterols are mixed with cetearyl alcohol to significantly lower the melting point

of phytosterols. Again, everybody wins!

Request Sample: Phytosoothe® LS 9766

Bombshell hair, naturally

Nature is beautifully resilient; it has a way of thriving under intense conditions. Just like you! Nature helped you grow that gorgeous head of hair, and it can help you soothe and protect it, too.

That’s the idea with Sanicapyl®, a natural complex made from black pepper berry extract, Inga Alba bark extract and sodium lauroyl lactylate. It helps treat skin damage and provides anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits to the scalp.

It also cleanses and leaves your hair with long-lasting moisturization, so you can swing that hair back and forth with abandon.

Request Sample: Sanicapyl®

Keep calm and style on

There’s no need to suffer for a good hair day. The right ingredients protect your scalp and hair from treatments, heat and external pollutants and help them recover from previous damage.

Considering the millions of people all over the world who live with itchy or irritated scalps, these products couldn’t come any sooner!

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