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Pet grooming has a bright future with big paws-ibilities

As pet adoptions rise, pet grooming formulators need natural, effective ingredients to meet demand for high-quality products

Published On: 07/09/20

Considering all the love and companionship we get from our pets, it’s natural to want to provide them with the best possible care.

Let’s face it: Fido could chew on Dad’s old slipper until it disintegrates, and Whiskers is perfectly happy sleeping in that cardboard box we forgot to recycle. Will we continue to buy them new toys, plush beds and holistic spa experiences anyway? Oh, absolutely.

The fact is that today’s pet parents love to indulge their fur kids, and they are willing to pay a premium for high-quality products that keep pets happy and healthy. That means taking a closer look at the labels on pet grooming products.

Consumers are beginning to scrutinize pet products as much as their own. That’s why BASF uses human grooming expertise to develop pet grooming solutions with nature’s finest raw materials, sustainably sourced ingredients and great performance.

It’s all inspired by market trends.

Man dog Getty Images 968878984

Growing trends and wagging tails

RZ BASF Pet Care Graphic

Pet ownership has risen steadily over the decades, and this year’s boom in adoptions spells a bright future for the pet grooming market. Some cities are even running out of adoptable pets.

According to a 2019–2020 survey, 32 percent of pet owners say they spend more on their pet than they did a year ago. The numbers on general pet ownership are strong, too: a study by Mintel shows 67 percent of U.S. households own a pet. 63.4 million of those are dogs. The same study predicts a $7 billion market opportunity in the U.S. pet grooming industry this year.

As pet grooming formulators, you must be hard at work. There’s a lot of demand to meet – not to mention very specific expectations from discerning pet parents.

BASF has developed a line of safe, gentle and effective pet grooming formulations to help you do just that.

*2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey
** Mintel Pet Supplies, US-June 201

RS V Getty Images 481973610

Pet grooming fur-mulations

Creamy Co-Wash for Dogs

Who loves a bath? You love a bath! Made for pets with wavy, coily or curly hair (quite a fetching look, if you ask us), this co-wash gently cleanses and conditions fur without stripping its natural oils. Derived from natural, renewable plant-based sources, Plantaren® 1200 N UP and Jordapon® SCI surfactants provide sulfate-alternative cleansing that’s mild to skin and eyes. An efficient conditioner at low concentrations, Salcare® Super 7 AT1 provides conditioning, softening, and good spreading.

Fresh Obsessed Dry Shampoo Mist

All that walking, fetching and rolling around can make you look a little “ruff” around the edges. This light, dry-cleanse mist is the perfect way to refresh your pooch between wash days. It contains Plantaren® 1200 N UP, a mild and gentle, sulfate-alternative surfactant. Gluadin® Kera-P LM helps strengthen the hair shaft and provides anti-oxidant properties and vegan claims, while sustainably-sourced Rambuvital® protects pet fur from pollution and hydrates the skin underneath.

Micellar Dog Shampoo

Who’s that at the door — is it the pup-arazzi? Just when you thought the little cutie couldn’t get more photogenic, this gentle shampoo rinses away quickly while effectively removing dirt and buildup from fur. Plantaren® 810 UP, made from renewable, plant-derived feedstocks, is a multi-functional surfactant that’s sulfate-alternative and preservative-free. Plantasil® Micro provides weightless conditioning for a refreshing cleansing formula.

Performance Study Results

RZ BASF Pet Care GraphicCreamy Co-Wash for Dogs Study
Mild Cleansing Plus Detangling and Conditioning

A significant majority of the subjects agreed with each performance claim for the cleansing Creamy Co-Wash for Dogs.

RZ BASF Pet Care Bone Graph

Amongst other parameters, the co-wash formulation was perceived as:
• Gentle while effectively removing debris and dirt.
• Providing detangling with a conditioned feel.

Micellar Dog Shampoo Study
Gentle, Effective Cleansing and Conditioning

An overwhelming majority of the subjects agreed
with the performance claims for the micellar shampoo product.

RZ2 BASF Pet Care Micellar Shampoo Study Bones Graph

The micellar shampoo was perceived as gentle while
leaving dog’s fur feeling soft, looking clean and well
groomed, and did not strip dog’s fur of its natural oils.

100% of participants liked the overall performance
of the micellar shampoo

Washing dog Getty Images 646847616
Small Dog with Red bow sticking tongue out

Fresh Obsessed Dry Shampoo Mist Study
Easy-to-Use and Refreshing

A significant majority of the participants agreed with the performance claims for the dry shampoo product.

RZ BASF Pet care Dry Shampoo Study Bones Graph

The dry shampoo was perceived as easy to use, refreshing the dogs’ coats while leaving the fur looking clean, feeling touchably soft, and extending the time between baths.

89% of participants liked the overall performance of the dry shampoo mist

Anything is paw-sible

We could go on forever with the dog puns, but we know you’re really looking for reliable formulation support and naturally-sourced, high-quality ingredients. The pet grooming market is only getting bigger, “floofier” and more demanding, but BASF Care Creations is here to help.

Let's get started on your next pet grooming product. Your BASF representative is standing by to assist you. You can request samples or Contact Us for more information

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