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Flexible formulas: Simple, clean formulas for the minimalist consumer

Mix and match skincare claims with a strong chassis formulation and multi-functional ingredients

Published On: 05/28/20

With everything going on in the world today, it just seems natural to focus on the things in life that really matter. Am I spending enough time with family? Do I need this drawer full of old pens and bent paperclips? And is it really necessary to follow a 12-step skincare routine to look my best?

As people take newfound time to reorganize their lives, minimalism is back in style. Cleaning out the junk drawer is one thing, but as terms like “skip care” and “skin fasting” emerge in the skincare lexicon, more consumers are interested in the notion of giving their skin a “break” from multiple products. What’s a formulator to do when consumers ask for less, not more?

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A vanilla formulation with swappable toppings

As consumers de-clutter their shelves and pare down the skincare staples in their daily rotation, they become more discerning. They’ll be looking for products that pack multiple claims in one convenient package.

For formulators, that’s easier said than done, especially since consumers are used to having a wealth of options to choose from. Is it even viable to deliver these products, jam-packed with claims and offered in multiple varieties, within the quick time-frames the industry demands?

The short answer is yes. It’s all about having a flexible chassis formula that you can adjust as needed to meet evolving consumer needs. Think of it as an ice cream sundae: the vanilla is your base formulation, and you can customize it on the fly with whatever delicious toppings you choose. Need skin hydration and smoothing? A combo of anti-aging, natural ingredients and a whipped-butter texture? A chassis formula makes it easy to mix and match claims.

BASF has developed eight new chassis formulations as part of a concept called Flexible Formulas. These formulas are naturally derived with simple INCI lists, cost-effective pricing and a luxurious feel. BASF has also given formulators a head-start on additional options for personalization, allowing them to make it completely natural, suspend particles, create a lovely visual effect or add bioactives for additional claims.

When the time comes to load up your formulation sundae with the tasty claims consumers want, you’ll have BASF’s multifunctional ingredients and mild surfactants at your disposal.

Multi-claim care for skin and hair

With Hydrasensyl® Glucan Green, you get six benefits in one ultra-pure beta glucan. This molecule contributes to short, long-term, and sustained hydration and skin smoothness, and it helps reduce the appearance of redness as demonstrated in a clinical study. It adds benefits to the structure of the formula, too.

Verdessence Alginate is not your ordinary algin. This algae-based, natural rheology modifier has also demonstrated hydrating effects. In a consumer study, BASF asked consumers to compare the feeling of a formula with 1 percent Verdessence Alginate against a formula with 3 percent glycerin. After 15 minutes, those consumers agreed the formula with Verdessence Alginate felt better than glycerin in hydration, suppleness and radiance.

Cegesoft® VP is a COSMOS-approved blend of natural waxes that behaves similarly to petrolatum, offering structure to the formula, smooth consistency and a plushfeel.

Plantaren® 818 UP, a coco-glucoside, is naturally-derived and has demonstrated mildness for skin and hair as well as excellent foaming properties. BASF is the leader in APGs, so be sure check out the whole Plantaren range.

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Flex those formulation muscles

Whether you’re on the yoga mat or in the skincare lab, flexibility is key. Effective and simple formulations are made possible with an outstanding base formula, multifunctional ingredients and gentle, natural surfactants.

Ready to flex? The team at BASF Care Creations® is ready to support you in the journey to simple formulas and quick customization. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The key to effective and simple formulations lies in multifunctional ingredients and gentle, natural surfactants. The team at BASF Care Creations® is ready to support you in the journey to simple formulas and quick customization. Please feel free to reach out to us with questions. Contact us.

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