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Cosmedia® Ace

Cosmedia® Ace

BASF Personal Care introduces Cosmedia® Ace by Care Creations - a new innovative skin care ingredien...

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NYSCC Reimagine what Matters

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BASF Ramboutan 82 video thmb

The Rambutan Program In Vietnam

BASF Beauty Creations is on the constant lookout for what nature can offer. We believe that its infi...

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Recapping the 2022 BASF Beauty Accelerator Program

During the 2022 Inclusive Beauty Accelerator, BASF, in partnership with Stichcrew, selected six foun...

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Euperlan thumb

Social Spotlight Euperlan® NL Pearl

Euperlan® NL Pearl Questions & Answers...

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BASF Photos Selects Palm Oil 8

Traceable products made responsibly and sustainably

Nowadays, it matters more than ever to know the stories behind the ingredients, to understand their ...

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Claims Wheel Image

Reinventing the Wheel

To help with your textured hair formulation journey, BASF has created an easy-to-use tool that is th...

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