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IMCD Beauty Academy featuring BASF Care Creations - Sustainable Styling Solutions

On June 24th, our Technical Expert, Shawn Grimaldis, particpated in a Beauty Academy webinar with our distribution partner IMCD. During this webinar, Shawn and IMCD shared their knowledge on formulating unique styling products featuring natural ingredient solutions. In this video, (watch here) you can see a model trying out the Conscious Curls Styling Gel formulation with excellent results! The formula features the following BASF ingredients (click on each ingredient to request a sample):

Hydagen® 558 P is an algae-based, natural versatile polymer. It can be used as a rheology modifier, sensory enhancer or setting polymer – suitable for skin and hair care rinse-off and leave-on applications. It is perfectly suited for natural cosmetics.

Dansonyl® LS 9715: Heteropolysaccharides extracted from the leaves of the African baobab tree. Water-binding, purified mucilages, leaving a protective film on the surface of hair and skin. Improves hair softness, suppleness and ease of combing.

Puricare™ POE LS 9727: Solution of the seed extract of the moringa “miracle tree.” Natural cationic proteins, protecting hair against environmental stresses (antioxidant, cuticle smoothing, pollution protection, etc.).

IMCD is a BASF distribution partner in a limited US territory*. Learn more and begin collaborating with IMCD.

Reach out to your BASF representative for more information, contact BASF here.

*IMCD's BASF coverage limited to AL, GA, FL,IL, MN, NC, ND, SC, SD, VA, and WI.