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BASF scientists use artificial intelligence to source four natural peptides with soothing benefits for the skin, hair and scalp

What do skincare scientists and artificial intelligence have in common? In this instance, they worked together to develop a naturally sourced ingredient for skin and scalp inflammation.

In our everyday lives, the causes of silent inflammation come from all angles: diet, stress, air pollution, poor sleep habits, lack of exercise and so on. If you tick some of those boxes, no judgements! But the result contributes to premature aging and affects the look and feel of the scalp, skin, and hair.

Seeking solutions, BASF scientists used the power of AI to search for bioactive molecules. The result? PeptAIde 4.0®, a solution based on four multifunctional rice peptides with a host of soothing benefits for the skin, hair and scalp.

Published On: 10/21/20

Inflammation station

Whatever the cause, silent inflammation can have a wide range of effects. Low levels of inflammation have been shown to cause skin dryness, dehydration and overall discomfort. It ultimately leads to signs of decreasing firmness in the skin.

In the scalp, many people report sensitivity, redness and scales as a result of silent inflammation. It can also create fragile hair follicles.

Sound relatable? Many people agree, which is why BASF set out to find a natural fix for inflammation in the skin, hair and scalp.

AI and BASF: The dream team

The first step to improving signs of inflammation is finding natural ingredients with the right properties. Using predictive discovery through artificial intelligence, BASF specialists were able to search bioactive molecules with specific parameters. This method lets them find solutions about 10 times faster and increases success factors by 600 times.

With AI’s help, they narrowed the results to four multifunctional peptides derived from rice proteins. The four peptides they identified were chosen for their anti-inflammatory properties, including protection against aging and soothing benefits.

The discovery led to the development of PeptAIde 4.0, an innovation featuring a natural bioactive peptide network based on those proteins.

PeptAIde put to the test

Looking for some hard science? In the case of epidermal damage, PeptAIde 4.0 helps to improve the stiffening of the cellular envelope to strengthen the stratum corneum, while ultimately working to restore proper barrier function. Here’s how it performs in different areas:

Hair: Stem cells located in the bulb of hair follicles release enzymes that cause the degradation of collagen that anchors the hair follicle in place, resulting in what’s called “miniaturization” of the hair follicles over time. PeptAIde 4.0 helps to block the degradation enzymes to protect and strengthen the dermis and hair follicle and prevent miniaturization.

Scalp: Looking specifically at the scalp, a clinical test by BASF shows how PeptAIde 4.0 helps to restore scalp health and reduce hair fiber damage in a shampoo formulated at 2%. It also helps decrease the scalp pH enough to reduce sensitivity in the scalp.

Skin Hydration: A study found PeptAIde 4.0 increases skin moisture and comfort in a body lotion formulated at 2%. In the study, skin flaking and cracking was reduced, and moisturization increased by 33% in as early as one week.

Skin Firmness: PeptAIde 4.0 was found to have body care firming benefits, too, as it effectively improves skin firmness and suppleness. A consumer panel demonstrated that the ingredient provides a body firming effect after as few as two weeks of use — an effect that remained for two weeks after respondents stopped using the product. It was also shown to improve skin elasticity after one month.

Head-to-toe benefits for allover beauty

Who knew AI could help scientists make something so beautiful, not to mention multifunctional? Get in touch with the specialists at BASF Care Creations to learn how we can help you formulate for inflammation-related claims. We’re here to help.

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