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Texapon® SFA

INCI: Disodium 2-Sulfolaurate

A naturally derived, anionic surfactant for ultra-mild, even tear-free rinse-off formulations

  • Ultra-mild to skin & mucous membrane
  • Suitable for tear-free formulations
  • Provides a creamy and rich foam
  • Long-term stable in a broad temperature and pH range; ideal for low pH (4.5 – 5.5) formulations
  • Enhances conditioning performance of cationic polymers in shampoos
  • Enables even high cationic polymers to deposit on hair
  • Enables micellar viscosity build-up without additional thickener
  • Supported by co-surfactant (ideally CAPB or APG) clear formulations are obtained
  • A cold processable, easy-to-formulate blend is available (Dehyton® SFA)


  • Anionic Surfactant
  • Baby Care
  • Beautiful hair
  • Hair protection
  • Healthy scalp
  • Thickener

Form of Delivery

  • Pasty solid

Chemical Description

  • Alpha Sulfo Fatty Acid C12-14 Disodium salt


Anionic surfactant for rinse-off personal care cleansing formulations

Sustainability Benefits

  • 100% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
  • Suitable for solutions not containing EO; no impurities (e.g. 1,4-Dioxane)
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Skin Care
Hair care
Bath and Body
Oral Care
Face Care

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