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Simply Natural Simply Stylish

Simply Natural Simply Stylish


Natural paste with natural style. The paste texture is made possible through an optimized combination of 100% naturally derived biopolymers, Verdessence™ Alginate and Verdessence™ Glucomannan, along with specialty waxes including Cetiol® SoftFeel, a soft-solid emollient that can act as a natural alternative to petrolatum. Verdessence™ Alginate, together with Verdessence™ Glucomannan, offers a natural hold that gives your favorite hairstyles the right amount of hold. Cetiol® SoftFeel also provides the cushion the hair paste needs to make the gel pliable for ease of application and manageability.

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Phase Ingredients INCI % By Weight Function
Wat... Aqua... 8... ...
Cal... Calc... 0... Comp...
Ver... Gluc... 0... Rheo...
Ver... Algi... 0... Rheo...


pH value (23°C): 6.0-7.0

Viscosity (Brookfield; RVT; spindle TE, Helipath; 10 rpm; 23°C): Initial: 40,000-100,000 cP

Viscosity (Brookfield; RVT; spindle TE, Helipath; 10 rpm; 23°C) 100,000-400,000 cP

Appearance: White, Spongy, Soft Solid


Additional performance has not been evaluated

Manufacturing Process

1. Add Phase A ingredients in order with mixing. Heat to 70C.

2. In a separate vessel add Phase B ingredient and heat to 70C.

3. Add Phase B to Phase A.

4. Cool to 40C.

5. Add Phase C ingredients one by one.

6. In Phase D adjust pH to 6.5-7.0 if necessary


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