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Stay Ahead of Beauty Trends with D'lite - Webinar

Beauty trends change fast

Planning your next product launch or looking for opportunities in a particular beauty market segment? Start your research with D'lite.

In this Webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Track beauty trends in real-time
  • Discover market white spaces
  • Benchmark your development with products across all segments
  • Create reports and briefings

Meet our Presenters

Kate Drummond
Kate is the Head of Marketing for BASF Personal Care in North America. Kate uses D’lite to identify new business opportunities.

Whitney Millegan
Whitney specializes in digital strategy in North America. Whitney uses D'lite to discover and share insights about emerging beauty trends and products.

Hannah Cwienkala
Hannah specializes in skin and sun care marketing in North America. Hannah uses D’lite to develop marketing briefings and conduct competitor benchmarking.

Michael Lull

Michael specializes in skin and sun care products in North America. Michael uses D'lite to quickly discover and formulate new products.

Jonathan Laufer

Jonathan specializes in digital strategy in Europe. He works with global teams to manage and add new services that enhance D'lite.

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