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D'lite Global

Market understanding meets science

Comprehensive market data, social media insights and starter formulations – all in one place – accelerates your speed to market

Stay ahead of the competition

Beauty trends change fast - with every new hashtag, Instagram post, influencer engagement, or new product launch. Keeping pace with consumer needs and wishes is challenging. Staying ahead of your competitors is even harder!

Traditional market analysis and product development processes are not fast or flexible enough to keep pace with consumer and competitor trends.

That’s why BASF has created D’lite, a powerful digital platform for tracking trends in real-time and accelerating product creation and innovation.

One destination for the inspiration and information you need to stay competitive

Planning your next product launch or looking for opportunities in a particular beauty market segment? Start your research with D’lite.

D’lite seamlessly integrates multiple built-in apps allowing you to capture all the data you need to make fast, accurate and actionable decisions.

Based on proprietary algorithms, the platform processes and refines the data it captures, while BASF’s beauty market experts curate the information, separating the signals from the noise. From marketing concepts and briefings to innovation, D’lite covers the entire product development process. Additionally, D'lite constantly monitors social media networks, blogs, forums, and review websites keeping you on top of the latest trends and sentiments.

Knowledge is power. Combining social media data analysis with market data on leading brands and products allows you to get a strong grasp on your project and make speedy choices.

Available 24/7, D'lite keeps you in touch with product and formulation databases, the latest concepts and innovations when you want them, even at 3AM, when that killer idea wakes you up!

There is so much built into D'lite the only way you can see and experience it all is to try it for yourself.

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D’lite Launch Webinar replay

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