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Nutrilan® Keratin W PP

Hair-identical care and protection

INCI: Hydrolyzed Keratin

Nutrilan® Keratin W PP acts as a protective and care substance on skin. Additionally, it is a hair-identical protein hydrolysatewhich helps fortify the hair shaft, replenishes, and enhances strength and elasticity. Nutrilan® Keratin W PP is ideally used for hair care, skin care and body care applications. Nutrilan® Keratin W PP revitalizes the hair’s natural protective layer by providing support where needed. Keratin protein is known to rebuild tensile strength, return elasticity, and reduce breakage.

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Skin Care
Mother and baby
Hair care
Shampoo and Conditioner
Styling product
Hair color
Bath and Body
Face Care
Pet Care
Pet Care TSCA
Pet Care DSL

Mild and effective support of the hair’s natural properties coupled with skin compatibility are highly desirable qualities in natural hair care products. With an amino-acid composition identical to that of human hair, Nutrilan® Keratin W PP strengthens and protects the hair, reducing breakage and alkali solubility. The solution equips shampoos and rinse-off or leave-on conditioners with verifiable hair protecting properties. It qualifies for the EU Ecolabel and is predestined for products that appeal to environmentally aware consumers.