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Project Pragati

Project Pragati

The Pragati project has been launched to encourage and enable sustainable castor production. The goa...

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BASF Photos Selects Palm Oil 8

Traceable products made responsibly and sustainably

Nowadays, it matters more than ever to know the stories behind the ingredients, to understand their ...

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Claims Wheel Image

Reinventing the Wheel

To help with your textured hair formulation journey, BASF has created an easy-to-use tool that is th...

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Z COTE 2022

Z-Cote Sheer

Introducing Z-COTE Sheer, protection for every body under the sun....

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Firstimage anthem

BASF Care Creations Anthem Video

They say beauty is skin deep.​ But the reality is that beauty is far deeper…It takes seeing past the...

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BASF C21 002 Introduction Screen


Enameguard is the most recent addition to BASF’s oral care portfolio, which includes surfactants, so...

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Cetiol Soft Feel Video 2 Image

Cetiol® SoftFeel Video-1

Get a glimpse of Cetiol® SoftFeel’s texture before it is applied to skin...

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Cetiol Soft Feel Video 1 Image

Cetiol® SoftFeel Video 2

Take a closer look at how Cetiol® SoftFeel melts onto the skin...

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