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Skin Care


Fight against wrinkles.

Middle Age Woman
Skin Care – Anti-Aging

Skin Surface

The surface of the skin is the most approached part of the daily beauty routine because men and women of all ages wish for perfect, smooth skin. BASF offers a wide range of ingredients that resurface, lift, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Middle Age Woman
Skin Care – Anti-Aging

Face Architecture

Over time, skin’s strength, resilience, and volume are depleted, so proper structure needs to be restored. Sculpt and define facial contours, replump skin density, and provide proper structural support for firmness and elasticity.

Middle Age Woman
Skin Care – Anti-Aging

Skin Defense

The first step in beauty care is protection. Skin must be shielded from aging accelerators such as UV rays, free radicals, enzyme degradation, glycation, and pollution.

Middle Age Woman
Skin Care – Anti-Aging

Skin Color

Due to both intrinsic and extrinsic factors, the coloration and discoloration of the skin is a concern throughout most cultures. Asian consumers typically desire an overall lighter skin tone, while Western consumers are looking for radiance and evenness.

Middle Age Woman
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